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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Racquetball: rain or shine at Purdue

Not even the unrelenting rain and tornado watch could keep dedicated competitors from making their way to the Fitness Center to participate in the intramural racquetball tournament on April 26.

Last week's tournament boasted the most impressive turnout intramural racquetball has ever seen. The participants were so dedicated that not even severe weather warnings could keep them from the walls of the racquetball courts and the stiff competition that came with it.

"I've been playing religiously for a year and I love the sport," freshman Krista Zagar said.

The competitors were divided up by skill level into three brackets for the tournament. The tournament for the A Bracket, which was the most advanced group and was to be held the following day, was put on hold due to several participants being unable to attend. However, the B and C brackets, the intermediate and beginner groups, had very successful tournaments.

The participants in each bracket played against others in their same bracket. There was first a round-robin competition where everyone in the bracket played everyone once. Then the single elimination playoffs began. These were all a single game to 11, except the championship which was the best of three games to 11.

There were 14 players in all, but only room from two champions. After several games were played, it came down to Vinay Prabhudev and Steve Smock in the championship in the B Bracket, with Arnoldas Pivorius and Richard Fabsits fighting it out in the C Bracket.

"I wanted to dominate," Fabsits said.

However, this did not end up being the case as Prabhudev edged his opponent and his division to a 2-1 victory. Pivorius crushed and dominated his division to a 2-0 victory.

This was a very lively yet intense tournament. There were spectators watching both courts and many competitors were snapping pictures of everyone having a good time while they weren't playing. There was even a buffet of snacks and refreshments offered to players during the long tournament.

"It felt really good to play today," Zagar said. "It got me motivated to be competitive when I usually just play with friends."

While everyone was having a good time it was still very competitive. No one went down easy.

"It was fierce. Anything was possible," Zagar said.

Several of the players played in last year's intramural racquetball tournament and often get together to practice at the Fitness Center. There was also a good amount of newcomers to the tournament and everyone seemed to gel. By the end of the tournament, many of the competitors had become friends.

Although the unfortunate weather kept many students indoors this spring, the racquetball courts prove to be a good place to meet people and be active, rain or shine.

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