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Friday, November 13, 2009

2009 US Open summary from IRF President

The recent US OPEN was an outstanding tournament, with almost 700 players at the event. Five members of the IRF Executive Board attended and they were all in attendance for the social that the IRF hosted on Wednesday. This social was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy the food, drink and conversations. My thanks to Lucy Zachrisson, Yuni Cobb, Usher Barnoff and Dr. Wer for assisting, and I know that they all talked to many people about the IRF.

There were over 125 international players representing 13 countries at the tournament, with some excellent results from these players. I was able to meet many people from the racquetball community and address the USRA Executive Board to provide updates on our work this year.

Among our sponsors, Ben Simons from Penn was there and I spoke with him about what we are doing in the IRF. He was very supportive and appreciative of our work. Ron Grimes from E-Force also attended and I spent about an hour with he and Barry, who were also pleased with our work this past year.

I also spent some time with Shanon Feaster and Dave Ellis of the Women's Pro Tour, as well as Dave Negrete of the IRT. Again, these meetings were very productive, and my time in Memphis was well-spent.

Yours in Good Racquetball,
Keith Calkins

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