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Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Barbecue Racquetball Shootout Is Back

Summer Barbecue Shootouts have returned to Sportime Fitness and Racquetball in Syosset. Racquetball players and fans gathered at the sports complex on June 19 for the first of three tournaments.

"We hold the shootout every year, and we always get a great turnout," said event organizer Tom Keogh.

Over 60 participants came from as far at Connecticut and New Jersey to get in on the action. To add to the festivities, the complex held a barbecue and served refreshments outside throughout the day, which lasted from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

The summer series attracts big names in the world of racquetball. Nick Montalbano, a member of the Junior U.S. National team from West Islip, won the singles tournament.

"I love the speed of the game and getting to meet new people," Montalbano said. "I met many of my friends playing racquetball over the past 10 years."

Montalbano won the Junior U.S. National Championships two years in a row, and he will enter Colorado State University in September on a racquetball scholarship. His father introduced him to the game.

"My dad was on the 1986 champion team," he said.

The Sportime tournament provided an excellent venue for socializing and sharing in the sport. There was no preregistration, so participants were able to arrive in the morning, and individual games were arranged that day.

"The shootout games move a little quicker than a regular tournament," Keogh said.

Cash prizes and trophies were awarded to the winners. Of course, as with any sport there was competition, but everyone involved was there to enjoy the sport, meet new people and have fun.

The next shootout takes place on July 17. Players of every level are encouraged to attend. For more information, visit

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Barbosa!!! Shoes

After intense research online and feedback from various players I decided to try the Hi tec technology to see if really can be as good as everyone claims. I have to admit that I am impressed with the shoes. Now everyone has differnt feet formats and shapes so you would have to try first. Here is the info on the model I liked.
p.s. yes they do have other colors !!!!

Hi-Tec S700 4:Sys Squash Shoes Lime/Black

The Hi-Tec 4:Sys Squash Shoes are the end result of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of scientific research and development.

Hi-Tec, in conjunction with biomechanical experts, Quintic Consultancy, has spent over two years redefining the meaning of performance footwear.

The result is three unique technologies grounded in science and logic which combine to deliver you provably more cushioning, control, stability and grip.

Impact Zone
4 SYS Midsole
Peak Force Outsole
Lightweight PU upper mesh materials
Non-Slip heel linings
Gusseted 'stay straight' air mesh tongue
Internal Torsion Bar
Locking lace eyelets
Anti-Bac lining
Dynamic fit Indoor last

New IRT Newsletter is out

The new and improved IRT newsletter is now available!

Click here to open.

USA Racquetball Junior Olympics

Nearly 200 kids from all across the U.S. will be competing in the 2010 USA Racquetball Junior Olympic Racquetball Championships, June 26-30, 2010 in Minneapolis, MN at the University of Minnesota, Recreation Center. Junior players from all across the U.S. will compete for coveted gold medals in over 30 divisions for boy's and girl's singles and doubles. For more information links to online drawsheets (when they become active) will be updated following each round, in all divisions. You will be re-directed to the R2 Sports Web-Site where you can see the results as they are posted following each match. Or visit the official tournament sign-up page or download a printable entry form for more details.

Costa Rica sweeps

Costa Rica attained each and every gold medal awarded in Panama at the IX Central American Sporting Games, along with two silver medals.

The seven disciplines and winners were Female Singles, won by Andrea Ortiz; Male Singles, won by Ivan Villegas; Female Doubles, taken by Andrea Ortiz and Debora Kessler; Male Doubles, won by Felipe Camacho and Teo Fumero Jr.; and Female, Male, and Combined Teams, all won by Costa Rica. Silver medal winners were Naomi Sasso and Joaquín Solera, in Female and Male Singles respectively.

On to the 2015 Pan Ams!

At the recent Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) meeting in Mexico, the Toronto 2015 Organizing Committee recommended that racquetball be included as a full medal sport on the program.

Pictured after the meeting (L-R) is President of the IRF Keith Calkins, Ian Troop LOC-CEO Toronto, LOC Chairman Toronto Roger Garland, and IRF-PARC Secretary General Luke St Onge. Missing is PARC President Osvaldo Maggi.

Racquetball has also been included in the 2010 editions of the Central American Games--Panama, Central American Caribbean Games-- Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and the 2011 Pan American Games--Guadalajara, Mexico.

World Championship Invitations Issued!

The IRF has issued its formal invitations to the 15th World Championships, to be held in Seoul, Korea, August 11-22.

Eligible countries have received event details, including team formats, scheduling, venue and host hotel information, plus a directory of contact names and instructions. The bi-annual championship returns to Korea in 2010, after being played in Anyang in 2004, and is expected to draw top players from around the globe, representing over 40 countries.

The advance team of organizers includes Yuni Cobb of the Local Organizing Committee, Tournament Director Oswaldo Maggi of Argentina, Operations Director Gary Mazaroff and IRF Secretary General Luke St. Onge. Local organizers plan to debut the event website by June 15

It's Italian Racquetball Week!!

It is Racquetball Week in Bella Italia! Lots of matches, great fun and activities on the courts at the Centro Sportive Comunale in Brembate this week: Racquetball Italia initiated a full promotional week of Racquetball. Matches and competitions are scheduled for each evening and night to increase participation and to attract new players to the sport of Racquetball. These activities are not limited to Italian players, other nationalities are welcome as well.

More information on the "One week of Racquetball" in Italy can be found at

Lecomte wins French Open

Philippe Lecomte (France, left) is the winner of the 2010 French Open that were held last weekend in Paris for the 27th time. Lecomte defeated José Ricardo Verduguez from Bolivia with 15-9, 15-2. It is Lecomte's first French Open victory and in fact the first time that a male French player won at the prestigous French Open. Lecomte also finishes the 2009/2010 season as No. 1 player of the European Mens Singles Rankings. The French Open were the last tournament of a successful 2009/2010 ERT Tour with 12 sanctioned events in 7 European countries.

Results from the French Open:
Men's Open:
Philippe Lecomte (FRA) def. Ricardo Verduguez (BOL) 15-9, 15-2

Women's Open:
Angela Burth (USA) def. Roberta Wemhoff (USA)

Men's B:
Samuel Saavedra (MEX) def. Kevin Comer (USA) 15-11, 7-15, 11-4

Men's C:
Maxime Bizeau (FRA) def. David Roques (FRA) 3-15, 15-7, 11-9

Men's D:
Fernando Raposo (SPA) def. Dimitri Giliarini (FRA) 15-6, 15-14

Verduguez/Lecomte beat Saavedra/Raposo 21-7

Rockford racquetball player overcomes injuries, looks to compete in State Games of Michigan

Ten years ago, Michael Stephens had his left hip replaced and was forced to give up his greatest passion.

Doctors gave the 62-year-old Rockford resident grim news: He never would be able to play racquetball again.

Share Stephens, who had competed across the country as an amateur player for 20 years, didn’t take the diagnosis well.

“I got a little depressed because that was my passion and my love,” Stephens said. “But I believed the doctors when they told me that I wouldn’t play again.”

Stephens underwent two more hip replacements, two right knee surgeries and shoulder surgery in a three-year span, but his spirit and enthusiasm never wavered.

He wound up taking a nearly 10-year break from the racquetball courts, but made a spirited comeback last year and will take part in this weekend’s Meijer States Games of Michigan.

Stephens’ defiance of the odds was prompted by his former racquetball-playing buddies.

“I saw some of the guys at the club and they told me to come and hit with them,” Stephens said. “I tried it, and began by walking to the shots and working on drills.

“They talked me into playing tournaments again and I won. I can’t run as fast, but I can still get to the ball and put it away.”

Stephens began competing again last year after the layoff and returned to the success he had experienced in the past.

He qualified for nationals by winning state and regional titles. He took home silver (50-55+C) and bronze (60+C) medals at the national event.

Last month, Stephens advanced to the USA Racquetball national singles championships in Houston, and brought home a gold medal in the 60+ C age group.

“I’m really surprised by how well I’ve played since coming back,” said Stephens, who works out six days a week. “I can’t compete at the level I used to, so I dropped down.”

More State Games of Michigan
•Volunteers essential to State Games' success
•Economic impact of State Games in Grand Rapids may top $700,000 in direct spending
•Athletes, organizers prepare for first State Games
Before his comeback, Stephens had recurring episodes with a heart condition called atrial fibrillation (A-fib), an abnormal heart rhythm.

But a procedure, synchronized electrical cardioversion, helped convert his A-fib to a normal heart rhythm.

Stephens, who also has competed at the Senior Olympics and World Games, said he is fortunate for the second chance to rekindle his love of the sport.

“I’m happy to be back out there with the players, and I’ve made lifelong friends in this sport,” he said. “It’s tough to get older, so it makes me feel young. I thank God for each day and for being able to enjoy life.”

Stephens graduated from Northview in 1967 and was drafted in 1967. He was wounded in the Vietnam War and was awarded a Purple Heart before returning to the U.S.

He majored in physical education at Grand Valley State, and taught at several schools, including then Cornerstone College. He also was a club pro at the Michigan Athletic Club from 1985-98.

Stephens’ introduction to the sport was unique. He was offered a job to teach racquetball, but never had played the sport. He quickly did his homework.

“I was a tennis player, but I took the job anyway and quickly went to the store and bought a book on racquetball,” Stephens said. “I started reading and doing the drills. I thought it was a great sport.”

Stephens’ fiancée, Nancy Rosenzweig, has been his biggest supporter. The two have been together for seven years, and she knows first hand the disappointment of career-ending injuries.

Rosenzweig was an accomplished gymnast and wanted to compete at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal before a back injury ended her dreams.

“I know what it’s like to live without your passion, and it’s not the same,” Rosenzweig said. “I support him 100 percent and I go to his events as his athletic trainer. I rub him down and give hum fluids. Whatever he needs, I’m right there.”

Stephens said he is looking forward to playing in the State Games, which take place at the MAC.

“I’m excited to play in it and see everybody,” Stephens said. “And the biggest thing for me is the camaraderie with all of the players.”

Duo’s racquetball success seems to depend upon the right Korean food as team inspiration in Kearney Nebraska

Jaekeun Cho, left, and Greg Swinney show off their medals after placing in the Cornhusker State Games racquetball tournament. Cho won a gold medal in Men’s C Division and they won as a team in Men’s B/C Division Doubles.

Jaekeun Cho and Greg Swinney went to Panda Express to get their pre-game fuel.

The team ate japchae, a Korean dish prepared with cellophane noodles, vegetables and meat, in honor of their team name — japchae.

Their meal was in preparation for the Cornhusker State Games, where the team would compete in racquetball.

Japchae may have been the right dish for the team, who had competed at the games twice before. This year, Cho won a gold medal in men’s singles and he and Swinney won a bronze in men’s doubles.

Cho moved to the United States from South Korea more than two years ago to attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Swinney and his wife, Cindy, are Cho’s host parents.

Swinney had been playing racquetball for many years and taught Cho, who had never played.

“When we first started playing I creamed him every time, and now when we play he smears me every game. He slaughters me,” Swinney said laughing.

Cho, who is also interested in cooking, made hot spicy chicken, a traditional Korean dish, for the Swinneys when he arrived in Kearney.

Hot spicy chicken soon became Cho and Swinney’s racquetball team name. They sported matching “Hot Spicy Chicken” T-shirts at their first Cornhusker State Games.

They didn’t even place.

“My first year I played miserable. I didn’t win any games. They smoked us,” Cho said.

The following year the team name changed to bulgogi, a Korean barbecue steak dish. They wore new uniforms sporting their new name.

Swinney and Cho won a bronze medal in men’s doubles that year. Cho said they lost every game, but won a medal because of the bracket outcome.

This year, Swinney’s shirt had an American flag with “Japchae” written in Korean. Cho’s shirt had a Korean flag with the team name in English.

“We were the only team that had matching shirts, which is a little weird,” Swinney said laughing.

Cho won the gold medal in the Men’s C Division. As a team they won the bronze medal in Men’s BC Doubles.

“This year we won the bronze by actually winning,” Swinney said.

“It’s really priceless this year winning the bronze,” Cho said.

Opening ceremonies for Cornhusker State Games are Friday, but many events have already taken place.

Swinney said they are used to playing singles, so learning to play as a team was difficult.

“It took practice to learn how to play together. Who’s going to hit the next ball and not hurt each other when someone misses? When I missed, he never once yelled at me or got mad at me. He was very nice even when I missed the ball,” Swinney said.

The team practices at the YMCA twice a week.

“It’s not easy to get a gold medal,” Cho said.

Not only was winning the gold difficult for Cho as a fairly new player, he won the gold medal with a sprained ankle. He was injured while practicing two days before the competition.

He said he put ice and heat on his ankle in hopes of bringing down the swelling, and took ibuprofen and wrapped his ankle on game day.

Cho played 16 games in one day to win the gold medal.

He is now qualified for the national competition in Colorado Springs, Colo., in October.

“I’m really proud of Jaekeun for being so disciplined with his athletics, and his academics too. He’s a 4.0 UNK marketing student,” Swinney said.

Cho will graduate in December and plans to attend graduate school.

He hopes to eventually return to South Korea and continue to compete in racquetball.

Cho and Swinney celebrated their Cornhusker State Games victories by returning to Panda Express for a second helping of japchae.

Junior racquetball grows at Foothills Recreation and Aquatics Center in Arizona

Offering a summer recreation course can be a hit-or-miss proposition depending on how many people turn out. The junior racquetball course for ages 10 to 15 at Foothills Recreation and Aquatics Center turned out better than expected.

Last year, the program had seven people, while 12 kids came out this year, according to instructor Carl Thompson.

It means doubles on all three courts,” Thompson said. “I would be delighted to have 20 for rotational purposes and teaching.”

Although he would like to get more, 12 is a good number to work with, Thompson said.

Before players take to the court, he likes to refresh their memories as to the safety aspect of the sport.

He tells students the main thing is to have fun, which begins with wearing safety glasses and wearing their wrist strap. The strap, attached to the racquet, will prevent the racquet from away flying and hitting your opponent during a game. Thompson stresses to the players to get out of the way and not hold your ground if your opponent is getting ready to hit the racquetball. Players must duck if they their opponent is getting too close, and to remember the volley ends when the ball hits the floor the second time.

Thompson tells his students there are some basic rules and common sense tactics to help them enjoy the game.

“Do not hit it when the volley is over,” he said. “Because your opponent is not expecting it, and keep your eye on the ball 100 percent of the time.

“If a person is hitting in back and you're in front, cover your face with the racquet. Mentally project where the ball is going to be, move to the ball and keep track of whose turn it is. Get in position, hit the front wall, where I can pass it where my opponent isn't. Lastly, move to the best court position.”

Four Glendale residents are learning racquetball and want to make the most of their game.

Theresa Moore, 10, said the sport affords her the opportunity to meet new people, and also the chance to meet new people who share the same interests.

“He's helped me how to see the ball and to bounce it once (during play),” Theresa said. “I don't have a racquet, so I don't get to play as much, but my friend lets me use hers for practice.”

First-year player Haley McManus, 10, is trying to learn as much as she can.

“I like to hit it hard,” Haley said. “I've learned that if it doesn't pass the (serving) line, it's short.”

Emily Bush, 12, is in her third year of racquetball.

“I've learned how to play and getting out of the way,” Emily said.

Brooke Barnes, 11, said racquetball helps her focus.

“I just kind of work off all the stress and I've got two sisters,” Brooke said. “This is only my second time, so I'm learning how to hit.”

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Development in IL

Local resident Luigi DeAngelis is proposing to build a tennis and racquetball club on nine acres he owns on Grand Avenue west of Route 45, just east of Lindenhurst.

A public hearing to rezone the property from agricultural to commercial is scheduled for June 22 at 1 p.m. at Lake Villa Township Center, 37908 N. Fairfield Road.

DeAngelis, the manager of One Park Place Ventures, proposes to build Southfield Racquet Sports Club on a wedge of property that includes a significant area of wetlands.

DeAngelis said the development will not affect the wetlands, and he said he wants to enhance the area with boardwalks to attract bird watchers and nature lovers.

"At the rear of property is an existing structure that would be converted to offices. The rest of the property would be for indoor tennis and racquetball courts and parking," said DeAngelis. "An offshoot of the development would be a wetland appreciation area because the property also contains high-quality wetlands that will be preserved."

DeAngelis bought the property in March 2008, hoping to develop a hotel or conference center to coincide with the adjacent Village Green retail center, which was pulled from development when the economy took a downturn.

He regrouped and came up with the racquet sports center.

"I played a lot of racquetball when I was younger and a lot of folks in the community have showed interest in racquet sports. I can also envision other uses, including badminton. I would also like to offer other kinds of classes, including yoga and tai chi," said DeAngelis.

His goal is to keep the outside area quiet and serene, while inside will be the hustle and bustle of racquet sports.

He is proposing air domes to house the two 12,000-square-foot tennis courts that can be taken down during the summer months to provide outdoor tennis facilities. Racquetball will be indoor all year round. The building will be attached to an existing structure on the property. The existing building near Grand Avenue will also house the clubhouse, men's and women's locker room, lounge and showers.

"We plan to offer lessons for different age groups and skill levels. We will have a pro shop and carry name-brand equipment." DeAngelis said he is talking to tennis pros to get them involved in the new center and he will hire a manager.

The property will be served with private well and septic systems and there is no plan in the near future to annex to Lindenhurst. He is working with IDOT to design a safe entry driveway into and out onto Grand Avenue. He would like to start building this summer and have it ready for fall opening, said DeAngelis. "So far, the county has been super easy to work with," he said. "I want this to be a good development and enhance the surrounding communities."

Seniors compete in Olympic games at Arroyo Seco Racquetball Club

Bob Rydberg, left, 75 of San Deigo swinging at racketball against his opponent Cal Depaz 77 of Nipomo, California Friday June 11, 2010, during Southern California Senior Olympics. Seniors squaring off in racquetball for singles over 70 Friday and Saturaday event at Arroyo Seco Racquet Club in South Pasadena. (SGVN/Staff Photo by Walt Mancini)

SOUTH PASADENA - The Pasadena State Senior Olympics and the California State Senior Olympics entered the second weekend of competition Friday, with more than 140 men in their 70s and 80s vying in a racquetball tournament at the Arroyo Seco Racquetball Club.

Doubles for ages 50 and up will be held Saturday, and singles for ages 50 to 69 will be held on Sunday.

Other events this weekend include table tennis, push-ups, bowling, men's basketball and swimming.

More than 2,000 older athletes are converging in the city for the Senior Olympics events, which are hosted by the Pasadena Senior Center and will last through June 28.

The California State Senior Olympic Games is the only qualifying site in the state for the 2011 National Senior Games in Houston.

"They're going great," said Cynthia Rosedale, Senior Olympics coordinator. "People are happy. In so many of the events, we've really raised the bar as far as quality goes."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

USA Racquetball ELITE CAMP 2010

USA Racquetball ELITE CAMP 2010
held at the USA Olympic Training Center & Lynmar Racquet Club


*Secure your spot here with a $100 deposit, then pay the remaining balance by check before the July 16th deadline or you will lose your deposit. Send balance to USA Racquetball Elite Camp, 1685 West Uintah, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80904.

August 9-14, Plan to fly into Colorado Springs, (NOT DENVER)


Lecture topics include “Planning Your Workouts” with USRA Hall of Fame Coach-Jim Winterton (camp director, “What it takes to Win” plus "Goal Setting” and “Mental Skills Training” by Jo Shattuck.


1685 West Uintah
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Space is limited. Questions: Ask Heather Fender at or Camp Director Jim Winterton or Jo Shattuck at As soon as you sign up—you will begin receiving our famous “what to expect” emails, and enrollment information. USAR-(719) 635-5396

Summer Junior Programs in Arizona

Carl Thompson will be the junior racquetball instructor which meets for two sessions, beginning June 8 to 24 and July 6 to 22.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Foothills 360 recreation program is in high gear at the Foothills Recreation and Aquatics Center, 5600 W. Union Hills Drive.

Foothills' senior Recreation Coordinator Jackie Anderson said the 360 program, for boys and girls 5 to 11, offers something for every child.

“It's a very similar program (to past years),” Anderson said. “We're working on bringing in guest speakers at least once a week, which the kids always look forward to.”

She said the most popular feature for parents is still the three-day or five-day option. For the three-day option means residents are charged $66 per week (non-resident fee is $88), and the five-day option is $100 per week ($135 for non-residents).

Anderson said parents appreciate the program as more than a recreational outlet for their children.

“They really want the kids to socialize and be active,” she said. “We do physical activities and we keep the kids busy all day long. There's a little bit of something for everyone.”

Anderson said there is a new wrinkle parents and children will enjoy.

“We added a week in the last week of May and the first week of August into our schedule,” she said. “Parents were requesting this, and before we started Memorial Day weekend and ended at the end of July.”

Other programs

for children

Also at Foothills, which Anderson oversees, is the Junior Racquetball League for kids 10 to 15. The three-year league is taught by Carl Thompson, and is all about rules and skills for fun, safe play.

“There's instruction at the beginning on the racquetball court,” she said. “For many kids, it's a new sport and it's a great physical activity. It's like riding a bike; once you learn it, it's with you. We provide all the equipment, so just dress comfortably and be ready to work out.”

Sessions are two hours (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) Tuesday and Thursday with the first session from June 8 to 24 and the second session running from July 6 to 22.

Players are paired with others having similar abilities with Glendale residents paying $24 and non-residents $30.

Registration is a matter of signing up at the Foothills front desk or calling 623-930-4600,, or calling Anderson, 623-930-4608.

Lastly, Anderson also oversees the Fitness for Teens program for 13- to 17-year-olds. The program runs 10 a.m. to noon June 7 to 10 Monday through Thursday and for the next five weeks.

There is a Fitness for teens program July 5 to 8. The sessions are taught by certified physical trainer and certified nutritionist, Eileen Sammer.

“We're trying to teach these kids how to develop their own workout plan so they stay healthy,” Anderson said. “Once they get here, they get a wide variety of options and hopefully they'll find something they like.”

Part of the three-hour classes also focuses on a one-hour fitness boot camp, spinning, rock climbing, nutrition, strength training and cardio.

“I've added three additional sessions this summer (July 12 to 15, July 19 to 22 and July 26 to 29) to meet the demand, and they've got their afternoons free.”

There is a $50 per session fee for Glendale residents $65 for non-residents) and for more information call 623-930-4608.

News from Canada

BURNABY, B.C. - Mike Green and Jennifer Saunders won singles titles Saturday at the Canadian racquetball championships.

Green, from Burlington, Ont., defeated Saskatoon's Tim Landeryou in the men's final 15-11, 9-15, 11-4.

It looked like Green would win in two straight games after he took a 6-1 lead early in game two. But Landeryou came back and took 14 of the next 17 points to force a third game.

In the tie-breaker, Green won the match on an ace serve to win his fifth national title.

On the women's side, Saunders defeated her long time doubles partner Josee Grand'Maitre of Longueuil, Que., 15-2, 15-10.

Grand'Maitre had an early lead in game two at 6-0, but Saunders stormed back to tie it and then take the lead 8-6.

From there Saunders never looked back as she won her fourth national singles title.

In the third place matches, Frederique Lambert defeated fellow Montreal native Brandi Jacobson Prentice 8-15, 15-6, 11-4 and Vincent Gagnon of Montreal defeated Kris Odegard of Saskatoon 15-10, 15-1.

Events Coming Up in Alabama

Just wanted to pass on that after 14 years the Cullman SportsFit & Wellness Center has agreed to host a racquetball tournament.

Please join us in welcoming them back into our racquetball community. 16 - 18 July 2010.

The facility is located at 17721 U.S. 31 Cullman, AL 35058-0405, United States, phone (256) 739-0039
Get directions - Feedback

The center has 4 glass backwall courts and is easy to get to from I-65. Only 5-7 minutes from the Interstate.

Tournament Director will be Bob Frazier and Jeremy Crowe.
Please use the R2 link below to signup. Regards, Bob Frazier

PS The Huntsville Empire Fitness (formally Family Fitness) will be also hosting a racquetball tournament 30 July to 1 Aug. See You-all there.

Florida Events Coming Up

The 2010 Florida Firecracker is June 25-27 at the Sarasota Bath & Racquet.

Florida Open again this year, which will also be in Sarasota September 3-5.

$10 DISCOUNT is register by 06/07/10
Junior Jamboree
~clinic, tournament, and overnight sleepover party~
all skill levels welcome including beginners
~~~for junior players aged 5-18yrs old~~~
July 31-Aug 1(Sat noon-Sun noon)
Online registration:
Contact Kim at 603-491-1494 or
Mark your calendars for the AWESOME...
IRT Satellite Pro Stop 2010
July 23-25, 2010
Richey Racquet Club -Port Richey, FL
Call/Email Kim Roy 603-491-1494 or to register!!

Regional Doubles
Richey Racquet Club -Port Richey, FL
October 1-3

Celebrate the Women in Your Life Tourney
Racquet for the Cure Racquetball Tournament
-for men, women & kids-
-singles & doubles events-
Sept 17-19, 2010
Harbour Island Athletic Club - Tampa, FL

Online Registration:

ALL the the IRT professional racquetball players will be back in FLORIDA in 2011...
for the BIGGEST tournament in FLORIDA!!!!

IRT Florida Spring Break ProAm
March 10-13, 2011