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Sunday, April 24, 2011

paola longoria vs rhonda rajsich III

Nacional de raquetbol segunda parte


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Racquetball Training Tips

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

City Racquetball Championships set for next week

The 31st Togo’s City Racquetball Championships will be held at Timberhill Athletic Club next week.

Tournament play starts at 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Most of the members of the Oregon State team will be taking part, although No. 1 men’s player, Taylor Knoth, is committed elsewhere. No. 1 women’s player, Frossene King, will only be playing in mixed-doubles due to class commitments.

ERF now accepting applications for TD

The European Racquetball Federation now accepts applications for the position of

Technical Director

for a 2-year term (2011-2013).

The Technical Director of the European Racquetball Federation will be responsible to the Board of the European Racquetball Federation. The Technical Director will submit an annual report to the European Racquetball Congress.

The Technical Director shall be responsible for:

- European Racquetball Calendar - planning the calendar of events of the ERF/European Racquetball Tour.

- Racquetball Rules - ensuring that the rulebook of the ERF is up to date, possibly making suggestions for changes

- Ranking Lists - prompt updating of ranking lists after each tournament

- Tournaments - working directly with tournament directors in each country to ensure that ERF sanctioned tournaments are run in compliance with ERF rules and conditions

§ European Championships - Manage every two years the European Championships to include making of draws, seeding, scheduling of matches.

§ Officiating - Possibly implement a referee and officiating program for the ERF

Terms and conditions:

- The TD may be required to travel to sanctioned tournaments.

- The TD receives a yearly compensation of 200 Euros.

- Term begins 1st of September 2011 and end 30th of August 2013.

- The ERF reserves the right to close the application process at the point a successful candidate is selected.

Written applications should be expressing the reasons for interest in the position, unique skills that would be brought to the position, and the availability of the applicant and submitted to the General Secretary Michael Haverty at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The application deadline is 1st of July 2011.

Article in Italian magazine

A great promotional article about the fine sport of racquetball has recently been published in the Club Milano Magazine's April edition. The magazine is being published through 200 different locations within the city of Milano, Italy. Read the article on page 55-56 at the Club Milano Magazine webpage

More Italian Racquetball News at:

Pan American Championships are underway

Good luck to all players who are currently competing in the 24th Pan American Racquetball Championships that are currently underway in Managua, Nicaragua. This competition is the regional event for players within the American hemisphere. This year, the PanAm Championships are a Pan American Games qualifier. The Pan American Games will be held in Mexico later this year and are a multi-sport event in which Racquetball is one of the medal sports. Competition will continue until this Saturday. Live broadcast is available at

The Pan American Championships are the parralel competition to the European Championships that are being held in Bad Tolz, Germany this August

Price is right for sophomore racquetball champ

Sophomore racquetball player Andrew Price won the state championship in the men’s open division. He won the championship 11-6 on a tiebreaker.

For most underclassmen athletes, just making the starting lineup for their team is an accomplishment.

Andrew Price, however, is his own team.

Price, a sophomore, recently won gold in the men’s single division at the Collegiate Regional Racquetball Championship. Competitors included teams and clubs from the Mideast region because SVSU does not have a racquetball team or club, Price was the school’s lone representative.

With his solo effort, Saginaw Valley finished third in the competition.

“There were probably around 16 players in my division,” Price said. “I won it pretty easily, but that’s just because it was a collegiate competition.”

Price regularly competes against the top amateurs and professionals in the country, achieving a national pro ranking of 96th during the 2009-2010 season.

Although Price said that he is currently “right around 100th” in the rankings for 2010-2011, he is the top amateur in Michigan, winning the state championship in the men’s open division in March.

“There were only six people [competing],” said Price of the men’s open division, which is just one step below professional competition. “A lot of people drop down a division, just because there are usually one or two people that win it every year.”

The state championship in the men’s open division was a first for Price, who was the runner-up in 2010.

Price, the top seed in the competition, cruised through the semifinals by winning his games 15-4 and 15-1, sweeping the threegame set. In the championship match, Price was faced with his first loss of the tournament.

“In the finals, I lost the first game 15-14, won the second game 15-13, and won the tiebreaker 11-6,” Price said. “It was definitely tough, but I was playing really well in the tiebreaker.”

For Price, who has previously won state championships in all other age divisions, athletic success has not come without its share of challenges.

“You’re traveling every weekend to go to tournaments, and it’s hard to manage classes,” said Price, who has travelled as far as California for competitions. “It’s pretty much like working a fulltime job. I’ll get home on Sunday night and have to wake up for class at eight in the morning.”

For Price, traveling is unavoidable if he wants to find athletes to compete against. He said the sport is far less popular in Michigan than other states such as Oregon or California.

“It’s not too popular, but it’s not like no one knows about it,” Price said. “In bigger cities like Detroit or Grand Rapids, they have a lot more players than we do in Saginaw.”

Because of the limited competition, Price trains in Davison at the Davison Athletic Club.

But one-on-one competition is only one part of Price’s training.

“I probably practice six to eight hours a week just doing court drills,” Price said. “I lift weights every day and do conditioning like running or biking.”

Because Price won the Michigan State Championship, he qualifies to compete in the national tournament, taking place in California on May 25th.

“It would be cool to win it all,” said Price, who is sponsored by Head/Penn Racquet Sports and Ashaway Strings.

Beyond the national tournament, Price’s success has him looking at a much larger scale.

“I might take a year off school and hopefully go on the pro tour,” Price said. “That’s my goal.”

Henke inducted into racquetball HOF

Tom Henke spends much of his time these days teaching the fine art of how to handle a bat with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point softball team.

In his spare time, Henke has shown he's pretty skilled with a racquet -- namely the type used in racquetball -- in his hands.

In fact, Henke is so good with a racquet in his hands that he was recently inducted into the Wisconsin Racquetball Association Hall of Fame. A native of Wisconsin Rapids, Henke, who lives in Stevens Point, became the 15th member of the Hall of Fame in a ceremony held at the West Allis Racquetball and Tennis Club on March 5.

"It's a very humbling thing and a big honor. I didn't expect it at all because there are a lot of great (racquetball) players in this state," Henke said.

Henke was first introduced to the sport while attending the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with the intention of playing baseball.

Henke was a natural and almost immediately had success -- first playing against friends and competitors around central Wisconsin -- and eventually on the state and national levels.

"When you taste a little success, that's a great taste," Henke said. "I started to enter tournaments and really fell in love with the sport. It's such a fast-paced, highly-competitive sport. I started at the bottom at D level and worked my way up."

Henke quickly climbed the ranks in the state, making a name for himself in doubles.

He won his first state title in 1987, teaming with Hall of Famer Gary Tanko to win the Men's 25+ Open double championship, and added titles in '89 and '90.

Ultimately, Tanko and Henke teamed to win six Men's Open doubles championships. With a variety of other partners, Henke won WRA or state YMCA doubles titles seven times.

"It's been fun to have a great friend (Tanko) and someone who has the same passion for racquetball as I do," Henke said.

Not only is Henke a great doubles player, he also proved to be a top flight singles player, claiming the State YMCA Men's Open title three times, while picking up five other individual state titles.

Racquetball has a special place in his life for another reason. He met his wife Lois met at a racquetball tournament in his hometown of Wisconsin Rapids.

"The biggest success (in racquetball) was when I met my wife," Henke said. "I've developed a lot of great friendships over the years."

Napa Valley Racquetball

Napa Valley College racquetball instructor and AmPRO certified teaching professional Richard Bruns and several former NVC racquetball students performed well in the annual Park Point Vintage Doubles tournament in Santa Rosa over the weekend.

The Vintage doubles tournament has Napa roots. Tournament directors Barry Lynes and Vinnie Caramagno of Marin County started the event in Sonoma County in the mid-’90s and were looking for a host facility for the second annual offering. Bruns was club pro at the former La Cancha Health Center and arranged for the facility to host the event.

Dawn Kerrigan of Novato and Carol Palombino of Petaluma took home second place in the women’s doubles division. They won three of their four matches, losing to the Marin County team of Karen Schmidt and Kelly Hernandez. Both had commuted to Napa Valley College in past years to take racquetball classes.

Jason Santos of Novato, an open player on the tournament circuit and a former NVC student who teamed up with Santa Rosa’s John Els, took a first place in the men’s under-30 division. They won two of their matches in two games of 15 points while their final match ended up with a split on the first two games. Santos and Els won the 11-point tiebreak for the championship.

Bruns teamed with Novato’s Barry Lynes for a win in the 60-plus division. The combo won three of their four matches in two games each while the finals match against Pepe Berasain of Reno and Bruce Metras of San Rafael was forced into a tiebreak. Lynes and Bruns won the championship in the final 11-point game.

Former student and multi-tournament winner Kent Barthman participated in the 40 years plus and 50 years plus divisions, winning several matches but not enough to place in either.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Racquetball could come to St. Robert

Rick Morris explains his proposal for a public racquetball court in the St. Robert city park.
SAINT ROBERT, Mo. (April 12, 2011) — Racquetball could join baseball, softball, rollerskating, swimming, and other outdoor activities if the St. Robert Park Board approves a proposal presented Monday evening by Richard Gower and Rick Morris to build a racquetball court in the city park.
“One thing that this community doesn’t have is a racquetball court. The great thing about this is it really provides an opportunity for everybody, especially the youth, to come in and really learn the sport of racquetball at no cost because it is part of the community park,” Morris said.

Morris told board members that the cost of renting an indoor racquetball court can be significant, but playing outside is a better workout and brings “a different dynamic” to the game. Having a racquetball court could draw people from other regions to St. Robert, he said, noting that both the state and national racquetball associations are interested.

Gower said the president and vice president of the Missouri Racquetball Association are willing to come to St. Robert and give clinics. He showed pictures of a racquetball court at Afton High School in St. Louis where the local group of racquetball players travel to play on Saturday and Sunday.

Park Committee Chairman Gene Newkirk asked if the proposed racquetball court would have a roof; Morris said no. The proposed structure would be three walls, 20 feet tall, but not load-bearing. Walls are usually 12 inches thick made of poured concrete, he said.

Newkirk said he liked the concept.

“We’re always looking for things to put in our park,” Newkirk said.

“It’s really a win-win for the community,” Morris said.

St. Robert Alderman Bill Urena, a park committee member, asked details about the cost. Gower said he’s willing to produce a cost estimate once he knows the location with excavation costs.

“How are these managed, who’s in charge of it? Are people signing up?” asked Alderman Larry Jackson. “It’s out in the open for free, but if a whole bunch of teams show up, is there a list or something?”

Morris said if an actual tournament were being played, the association running the tournament would reserve space in advance.

Ordinary day-to-day play is different and handled more like other types of outdoor public sports facilities, Gower said.

“Typically it’s like an outdoor basketball court where it’s first come, first served,” Gower said. “It’s amazing how self-regulating it becomes with sportsmanship.”

Park committee member Adrienne Echelberry asked where the court would be located; Morris suggested somewhere in the park near the aquatic center currently under construction or the already-existing skate park.

Park committee member Kevin Hillman came to the meeting after most of the racquetball discussion was finished and asked for details.

“Are they going to pay for it?” Hillman asked. “Let me tell you, Rick Morris beat me like a little kid one time in racquetball and I thought I was fairly good player. I stopped playing after that.”

“Maybe they can talk to Ehrhardt or something,” Newkirk said.

That’s a reference to Ehrhardt Properties, the owner of most of the hotels on St. Robert Boulevard as well as the Liberty Lodge. Morris serves as the operations manager for that company.

“You know, a 20-foot wall is great advertising space should people want to help pay for it,” Echelberry said, noting that ads probably need to be on the outside walls, not the primary hitting wall for the racquetball court.

Beavers racquetball team wins 4th straight title

Oregon State’s dominance at the national racquetball championships continued last week as the Beavers won their fourth straight title.

The tournament took place April 5-9 at Arizona State.

The men’s team finished third behind Colorado State-Pueblo and Alabama, with the women placing fourth.

The champion is determined by combining the two team scores. Alabama was second.

Taylor Knoth, who is the world champion, won the men’s title defeating Nick Montalbano of Colorado State-Pueblo 15-2, 15-10 at No. 1 singles.

OSU’s Frossene King (No. 1), Alyssa Asay (No. 3), Teresa Wright (No. 4), Kelly Powell (No. 5) and Stevanie Medearis (No. 6) won singles titles.

King is a 50-year-old graduate student.

The doubles teams of Asay and Wright (No. 2) and Powell and Chelsea Donnithorne (No. 3) also won titles.

Seniors Michael Carrington and Alyssa Asay won their sixth straight team national championships, including two in high school.


Men’s singles

First place

No. 1: Taylor Knoth, OSU, def. Nick Montalbano, Colorado State-Pueblo, 15-2, 15-10

Third place

No. 4: Michael Carrington, OSU, def. Phil Woodland, Columbus State, 15-13, 4-15, 11-7

No. 5: Jonathan Edwards, OSU, def. Brendan Glijum, Missouri, 15-11, 15-13.

No. 6: Dale Fonken, OSU, def. Richard Howell, BYU, 15-11, 15-14.

Fourth place

No. 2: Joseph Blank, BYU, def. Micah Hoffman, OSU, 15-11, 15-4


No. 3: Carlos Barrios, Texas A&M, def. Joey Pryor, OSU, 15-8, 8-15, 11-7.

Men’s doubles

Third place

No. 1: Taylor Knoth/Joey Pryor, OSU, def. Jeff Skanchy/Joe Blank, BYU, 15-5, 15-9.

No. 2: Micah Hoffman/Michael Carrington, OSU, def. Galen Reding/Justin Levine, Baldwin-Wallace, 8-15, 15-11, 11-8.

Round of 16

No. 3: Eric Howell/Matt Mitchell, Texas Tech, def. Jonathan Edwards/Dale Fonken, OSU, 15-13, 15-14.

Women’s singles

First place

No. 1: Frossene King, OSU, def. Sylvia Moy, Florida, 15-10, 12-15, 11-8.

No. 3: Alyssa Asay, OSU, def. Chelsea Cardon, Utah Valley State, 15-4, 15-6.

No. 4: Teresa Wright, OSU, def. Erin Winters, Missouri, 15-3, 15-1.

No. 5: Kelly Powell, OSU, def. Amy Morby, Utah Valley State, 15-5, 15-14.

No. 6: Stevanie Medearis, OSU, def. Mary Culverwell, BYU, 15-8, 15-6.

Second place

No. 2: Hailey Miller, Oregon, def. Megan Mathes, OSU, 15-13, 8-15, 9-11.

Women’s doubles

First place

No. 2: Alyssa Asay/Teresa Wright, OSU, def. Erin Winters/Rachel Schmidt, Missouri, 15-8, 15-2.

No. 3: Kelly Powell/Chelsea Donnithorne, OSU, def. Alyssa Shaeffer/Andrea Carter, BYU, 15-5, 15-6.

Consolation finals

No. 1: Frossene King/Megan Mathes, OSU, def. Christina Beatty/Sylvia Moy, Florida, 15-1, 15-9.

Racquetball Book

Jason Mannino seems like a natural fit to write about the sport of racquetball. After all, the former 4S Ranch resident has been around the sport for nearly all of his life.

Jason Mannino, a former top-ranked professional racquetball player who used to live in 4S Ranch, has written an instructional book about the sport. (Photo Provided by Mike Boatman)
The former professional player retired last year at the age of 35 after playing in the sport’s top tier for nearly 15 years.

He was the top-ranked player in the world during three seasons, and was the International Racquetball Tour’s (IRT) Player of the year in 2003, when he finished number one.

Mannino gave up playing the sport professionally last May and is now the IRT’s president, managing the organization’s day-to-day operations and building awareness about the sport that he started playing at the age of two.

Mannino was ranked fourth in the world when he decided to retire.

“The body was starting to show normal signs of breaking down,” Mannino said. “I was getting muscle tears that didn’t heal for two months, the types of thing that used to take a week to heal when I was younger … I saw the writing on the wall.”

In addition to his work with the IRT, Mannino is working on his coaching.

For years he’s traveled the country, holding racquetball weekend camps with Fran Davis, a Hall of Famer in the sport who coached the U.S. National team for eight years.

Last month, Davis and Mannino released “Championship Racquetball,” a book that covers drills, tactics and competition advice for intermediate to advanced players of the sport.

Mannino said that the book can also be useful for athletes in other sports as well.

The cover of "Championship Racquetball," a book co-written by former 4S Ranch resident Jason Mannino
“It’s geared toward the competitive athlete,” he said. “We really think any competitive athlete can learn from the book.”

It includes sections on health and training, conditioning, fitness and core training, as well as tips about the mental side of the game and “psyching out” one’s opponents.

“It teaches you how to prepare for the emotional roller coaster of competition,” he added.

Mannino said he was self-taught. Though he started in the sport early , it wasn’t until 1993 that he “became a true student of the game.”

That’s after he was in a bad accident in New York after his car crashed into a telephone pole and was struck by another car, igniting the gas tank. Mannino broke his back and pelvis and was able to pick up the racquet a year later, even though he was told he might never be able to walk again.

“I took notes of all of my opponents. I wrote about their weaknesses and their strengths … and asked myself just about every question that I could about my opponents,” Mannino said. “I was able to apply my strengths to their weaknesses and I was able to figure out how to overcome my weaknesses.”

Those notes later informed the book.

“We used all of the things I learned in my 30 years plus and (Davis’) 30-plus years of playing and teaching the sport,” he said.

For more information about the book, go to www.Human For more about the sport of racquetball, visit www.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Racquetball: Women's Racquetball Day 2011‏

ATTENTION: WOMEN RACQUETBALL PLAYERS Interested in improving your racquetball game? Want to compete against different style players? Want to meet other racquetball devotees? Sign up for Women's Racquetball Day that will be on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at the Bob Sierra Family YMCA in Tampa from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.All information regarding the event can be found at the Websites listed below: or Please sign up by April 23, 2011 through R2sports, email, or mail. Renee Fish Jean Trimble Event Directors

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Andy Roberts v Cliff Swain 1996 US Open Semifinal

Jason Mannino and Cliff Swain US Open 2006

Tara vs Caitlin Game 2

Tara vs Caitlin Game 1

2010 US Open Kane/Rojas SkinIt


Mexico Open Semifinal Match Recaps are up! Read how #2 Rocky Carson mastered center court and the pace of play in the first game and how Waselenchuk served up aces and frustration in the 2nd as both played their way into the Championship match, broadcast LIVE today at noon (Pacific Time) on the IRT Network. Rocky Carson d Jose Rojas 11-2, 11-8, 11-2 Kane Waselenchuk d Ben Croft 11-1, 11-2, 11-0

Racquetball News from Kim Roy‏

USAR Regional Qualifiers April 15-17 Richey Racquet Club Port Richey, FL ~~Qualifier Event for National Singles~~ Online registration: Or call Kim Roy 603-491-1494 deadline to register is April 8th Junior Regionals May 20-22 Harbour Island Athletic Club & Spa - Tampa, FL Online registration: Lots of round robin and pool play in each division!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Playing at 60? On the pro tour? Seriously?

Recently, Ruben Gonzalez, racquetball legend and former #1 men's pro player, signed an agreement with Ektelon that will see him play on the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) the next two seasons with the stated goal of being in the top 10 when he turns 60 on July 22, 2012. Yes, 60. Sixty. Six decades on the planet. The collective response to this around The Racquetball Blog office has been a collective "huh?" We don't wonder why Ektelon is doing this, as it's a great promotional thing. Gonzalez is an esteemed member of the racquetball community, so it's completely understandable that Ektelon would like to align itself with him. Indeed, Gonzalez is so esteemed that this move has not been met with out and out derision. But a sixty year old thinking he can be a top 10 pro racquetball player? Who's kidding who here? Racquetball is a speed and power game requiring significant flexibility, and all of those qualities decrease significantly with age. They decrease even if one remains active, as Gonzalez has. He remains a very good player, and has a streak of making at least the Round of 16 once (or more) for 28 consecutive IRT seasons, though he has yet to do so this season. But making the 16s once a season is much different from being in the top 10 at the end of a season. However, consider for a moment that Gonzalez is able to do that: be a top 10 player at 60. How would that reflect on the other IRT players? Short answer: badly. If a 60 year old can be a top 10 IRT player then it begs the question as to how good the IRT field is. And if a 60 can be a top 10 IRT player it doesn't put anyone winning IRT events in a good light, so Kane Waselenchuk, the current IRT #1, should be rooting against Gonzalez because if Gonzalez is successful it suggests that all of Waselenchuk's wins are partly due to a lower quality pool of IRT players compared with past years. Perhaps Gonzalez's plan is to play all the events, make the 16s at each, and hope that gets him enough points to be in the top 10. But he'd have to pass players currently on the edge of the top 10 - such as Charlie Pratt and Anthony Herrera, who have both won matches against higher ranked competition this season. Could Gonzalez beat anyone in the top 8? Of course, the game is played on the court not on paper or in the imagination, but we can't imagine Gonzalez defeating anyone currently in the top 8. Gonzalez's top 10 goal is good for him and Ektelon, and from a marketing perspective maybe even the IRT and racquetball in general.

RB Couples: Andy & Tracy Hawthorne

Dual careers can be tough on a marriage, unless the couple is Andy and Tracy Hawthorne and the profession involves racquetball. “We both love the sport. He’s playing the tour full time. While my friends say that’s hard, I understand the game is his job. A lot of relationships would really struggle, but it works for us.” When we spoke the couple had just returned from Michigan, where she and Andy drove eleven college students to compete in a regional tournament. “It’s really special for me to be involved at that level because that’s where I started to play. They have the same passion getting into to it as I did when I started. It’s really awesome.” Photo by Mike Augustin The full time accountant is finishing a masters in preparation to sitting for the CPA exam, after which she plans to have more time to actively pursue her goal of growing the game. Perhaps she downplays her day job because working with college students is really special for the couple; that’s the time of life when she started to play and how she and Andy met. Andy saw her around the courts and, seeing potential inviting her to play with the group. Tracy recalls their meeting slightly differently. “At first I wasn’t that good, just in it for the parties. But, after getting into the game and learning how cool the people were, I fell in love with the sport. I love everything thing about it.” Andy would disagree – but only with the part about her not being that good. “We’d been friends for a very long time. After three or four years, we both decided our relationship was more like boyfriend and girlfriend and made it official.” These days they both play at Baldwin-Wallace College, where Andy practices, regularly joining Tracy as she works with the college students and prepares to compete at Intercollegiates. The only family member who doesn’t appreciate their love of racquetball might be Mia, their cat, who sits on their bags in protest whenever they get ready to travel. Tracy appreciates the sacrifice, since this racquetball pair enjoys working with others as much as playing. “It keeps me feeling young again


Rocky Carson joins a team of passionate racquetball coaches and players who are committed to growing the sport of racquetball and fighting the epidemic of obesity. The Racquetball Coaches Network (RCN) sees the value that professional racquetball brings to sports entertainment, and one way they share their passion for fitness is by their individual work as Independent Team Beachbody Coaches. Rocky shares a passion when it comes to growing the sport and being a part of the RCN only reinforces the strength of this pioneering network team. “I’m very excited about what the Racquetball Coaches Network can do for those who want to improve their game”, says Rocky Carson. The RCN puts a focused effort into introducing new people to the game through coaching, clubs, leagues, lessons and more. They hold conference calls for coaches in the network to share different ideas on growing the sport and one by one doing everything they can to introduce new players to the sport. The Network consists of coaches and players of the sport. The bottom line every season is the Indiana Pro Am Tier 1 event held in Terre Haute, IN. This tournament exists for one reason and that is to help grow the sport of racquetball and help professional racquetball players make more income. The fruition of the RCN’s action is our Indiana Pro Am. Our goal for the event is to increase prize money year after year. With coaches across the country, the RCN offers different avenues for a player to improve their game and help their coaches get paid 11 different ways. The timing is great for racquetball as a whole as we continue to see signs of growth within the sport. As of July 2009 Racquetball and Tennis were the only sports that showed signs of growth as the other major sports showed decline over the prior 9 years. As of this release there are coaches in the following states: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, and Rhode Island. This number is sure to grow after the joining of Rocky Carson. Rocky firmly believes from a marketing standpoint it is important that the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) players play good and look good on and off the court. That is one of the main reasons why he joined this Network of Racquetball Coaches.

Jose Rojas

#8-ranked IRT Pro Jose Rojas leads the way for Ektelon's Team Adrenalin. At 20 years of age, Jose has already established himself as a consistent quarterfinalist during his first full year on tour. Aimee Ruiz, Ektelon Promotions Manager foresees more. "As Jose manages his scholastic responsibilities with his racquetball career, you can expect to see him rise into the top 3 of the IRT rankings in the next three years." Read the full story @

Cork Institute of Technology wins 1st Irish Intervarsities

Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) won the 1st University Championships held in Kilkenny on the 3rd & 34th March. In 2nd place was Tralee College of Technology (ITT) and in 3rd place was Dublin City University (DCU). In the individual competitions, Jonny O`Keeney (CIT) defeated Ruairdhi O`Rourke (Blanchardstown IT)in the Grade A Singles. The winner of the Grade B Singles was Donna Ryder (Sligo IT) who defeated Gareth Clarke (ITT) in the final while Shane McLoughlin (CIT) defeated Chris O Mahony (CIT) in the Grade C Final. More information on

Paris Racquetball becomes France Racquetball

After 2,5 years of promoting racquetball in Nanterre, the Paris Racquetball Association takes a more national role by becoming France Racquetball, an association representing French Racquetball in the European Racquetball Federation and International Racquetball Federation. While the statutes of the association remain unchanged, the leading officers change a little: Mr Jean-Pierre Boudart, former President of Paris Racquetball becomes Honorary President of France Racquetball while Mr Philippe Lecomte takes his place as new President of the Federation. Mr Yann Le Penven joins the board as Vice-President loaded. Other posts remain unchanged, with Miss Sandrine Coupel to the secretariat, and Mr Nicolas Mufraggi as treasurer. Besides that, a management committee has been established to support the board's work which includes Mr Benjamin Teinturier, in charge of animations, Mrs Claudine Mora, in charge of communication and Mr Nicolas Mufraggi, in charge of tournaments and with national teams. First two goals of the new team are: The creation of a national structure, in collaboration with a the local town halls and the European Championships in August 2011 in Germany. Other missions are also underway of course. Find more information on French Racquetball at or

Racquetball Italia celebrates 150 years of Italy's unification

Racquetball Italia will celebrate the anniversary of Italy's unification in 1861 with a special racquetball tournament. 150 years ago, on March 17th 1981, the kingdom of Italy was created and Victor Emanuel II assumed the title King of Italy to become the first king of a united Italy, a title he held until his death in 1878. No doubt that this is is a nice occasion to celebrate and to play some racquetball. Check out for more information on this spontaneous event.

Irish Club Championships - Touraneena and Castlebar take titles

Touraneena and Castlebar were crowned National Club Champions at the Irish Club Championships finals played in Castlebar on Saturday March 13th. Touraneena with Eoin Kearns and Conor Skehan won their first Intermediate title. Kilkenny was in second place and Castlebar in 3rd place. In the Novice competition, Castlebar who last won the title in 1995 came out on top with Ballinrobe in the runners up spot. On the Castlebar team was Ray Herring, Mick Gavin, Michael Burke and Michael Gielty.

Kececi and Hardison win Turkish Open 2011

Ayten Kececi (TUR) and Timothy Hardison (USA) are the winners of the 2011 Turkish Open that were held in Istanbul, Turkey this months. Kececi defeated Safiye Oncel (also TUR) in the final, while Hardison was victorious against Orhan Keskin (TUR). The Turkish Open are an official event of the European Racquetball Tour (ERT), rnakings are being granted when participating in this event that is usually held in conjunction with a Squash tournament at the same time and club.

German Open: A flashback in history

Friday marks the beginning of the 30th German Open. This is a perfect opportunity to look back into the past of one of Europe's oldest tournaments. Unfortunetly, there not many documents in the German archives. No draws and results have been safed. The only valid information is that Bob Ellis from the USA was the winner of the first German Open back in 1981. Thanks to the modern technologies and the internet, Bob Ellis were found awhile ago. He is now back in the US for quite some time and resides White Oak, Pennsylvania. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the German Open, Bob gave a rare interview to the German Racquetball Federation: German Open 1981 - what memories do you have from this event? I have good memories, I believe it might have been the first time I won against Lou Souther (US military Champion at the time). Do you remember who you played in the final? I beat Danny Winn in the finals. Where were you stationed in Germany back then and when did you leave? I was station at Ramstien AB, and created a organization called Racquetball Germany. I left Germany in 1983 and went to San Antonio, Texas. I retired from the Air Force in 1986. What other events did you play in? We ran racquetball tournaments at many different military installations in Europe. I won the Dutch Open twice and also the Swiss Open. I also won the Military. Are you still playing RB? I still hit the ball every now and than but I don't play tournaments anymore. Do you have plans to ever come back to Germany and Europe? Some day I would love for my wife and I to visit Germany. What German player do you remember from the time? Willi Wenzel. We thank Bob Ellis for this short interview and trip to the past. And we wish him all the best for the future.

Racquetball: 2011 FL SUNSHINE STATE GAMES‏

Dear Racquetball Players, I will again be running the Racquetball portion for the Sunshine State Games held in Alachua County at the University of Florida Student Recreation and Fitness Center (this is NOT the Southwest Rec. Center) 114 SW Fletcher Drive, Gainesville, Fl. 32641. Mark your calendar for June 10th-12th 2010. You may enter THREE events (3rd must be Mixed Doubles) and you MUST register with You can also download the entry and mail the entry to Florida Sports Charitable Foundation, 2930 Kerry Forest Pkwy, Suite 101, Tallahassee, Fl 32309. If you have trouble please call me (Jean Trimble) at 407-352-6589. Online registration is now open with Florida Sports. If you need to call them the number is 1-866-354-2637. I will be using R2 Sports to run the tournament so you can monitor the tournament at but you can not register there. Any information you need for the tournament is also posted at will also have a link taking you to the Florida Sports web site where you can register. No food or drinks are allowed in the facility (water only), no locker rooms only the men's and women's bathroom with one shower, Children must be attended to at all times, and the equipment in the weight room is for the UF students only use. It is on the campus and access to restaurants is within a 5 minute walk. The tournament will begin on Friday June 10th. It is a USAR sanctioned tournament and will require a membership to play in the tournament. You can renew or get the membership at No REFUNDS will be issued. Looking forward to a great time at the Sunshine State Games. Jean Trimble

Florida racquetball upcoming events‏

Below you will find some information regarding upcoming events, but detailed and additional information can always be found at the FRA web site Tournaments: 2011 FL Spring Training - April 1-3, 2011 Harbour Island Athletic Club and Spa TAMPA, FL 2011 REGIONAL QUALIFIERS - FLORIDA April 15-17, 2011 - Richey Racquet Club - Port Richey, FL Hone your referee skills. Attend the Referee Clinic at Regional Singles Saturday April 16 at 1:00 PM Jean Trimble contact Jean to attend Women's Racquetball Day - April 30, 2011 Bob Sierra YMCA - Tampa, FL Renee Fish - Florida Racquetball Association 727-410-0649 or email Renee information and online registration mail in entry and information 2011 Florida Open - May 13-15, 2011 Sarasota Bath and Racquet 2170 Robinhood St. Sarasota, FL Chad Bailey 941-545-5802 This year the FRA the Florida Racquetball Association will be hosting this event. Look forward to cash prizes and great hospitality. 2011 FL Junior Regional's - May 20-22, 2011 Harbour Island Athletic Club and Spa - TAMPA, FL Kim Roy 603-491-1494 Other FRA news: Remember that is the primary and only official source for Florida Racquetball Association information. USA Racquetball official site:

Racquetball: 2011 Racquetball Warehouse WOR Championships, presented by Ektelon.‏

2011 WOR RACQUETBALL WAREHOUSE Outdoor Racquetball World Championships, presented by Ektelon July 7th thru 10th Marina Park and Edision Park Huntington Beach, CA THE BIGGEST PARTY IN RACQUETBALL! More details coming soon! Sign up or mark your Calendar now! Also coming is the the return of the 3Wallball Championships in Las Vegas on September 21 thru 25, 2011! The 2011 WOR - Racquetball Warehouse Outdoor World Championships, presented by Ektelon is the 38th Annual and longest running outdoor championship tournament, and promises to be even bigger than ever this year. See you there! More details coming soon!

Farmington facility noted hotbed for racquetball competition

The best racquetball in the state of Michigan is arguably played right here in Farmington Hills. The Farmington Family YMCA has become a hotbed for racquetball talent and competition, producing three champions in the recent state tournament. “People come from all over to play, from Pinckney, Ann Arbor and Brighton,” said Mike DeCenso, who lives in Redford and plays regularly at the Farmington YMCA. “There aren’t a lot of racquetball places anymore, so everybody just kinda found their way there, realizing there’s still a lot of good players.” Ferd Samson, Mark Candy and Jim McGowan won the Men’s A, B and C divisions, respectively, in the state tournament March 19-20 at the Davison Racquetball Club. Samson, 48, hails from West Bloomfield; Candy, 53, travels from Pinckney to play in Farmington, and McGowan, 42, is a resident of Livonia. DeCenso, 42, was a semifinalist in Men’s B, and McGowan also was the state runner-up in Men’s C. “It was pretty unique,” DeCenso in regard to one club having three champions. “Everybody was talking about it. We’re considered a small club with four courts. A lot of clubs in it have 10 to 15. “To have one club win that many trophies is very unique. There were only four of us from the Farmington YMCA that entered.” The state tournament is also a qualifier for the U.S. Open. It wasn’t necessary to win to qualify, but a player’s finish helps to determine their seeding at the U.S. Open. The quality of competition at the Farmington YMCA made it possible for a small club to produce three state champions, according to DeCenso. “All the guys have been playing a long time,” he said. “There’s a super, super deep group of people who play at the Farmington YMCA. Every Saturday and Sunday and almost every day there’s open-court time, guys meet up to play; so it’s just a very competitive environment. “At least 50 guys play there on a regular basis — guys who’ve been champions for many years. Ferd has won the state more than once, and Mark has played in the U.S. Open several times.

The Amazing Fran Davis

Fran has been a great player and a tremendous coach, but this is only one dimension of her qualifications and of what she can offer. “In the 25+ years I have been involved with racquetball, I have worked in almost every aspect of club operation, merchandising and promotion. I have visited and conducted clinics all across the U.S., Canada, Central and South America. Over time I have studied hours and hours of video tapes and figured out what works and what doesn’t.” For Fran, the important part of this experience is sharing it with as many people as possible. Fran has incredible energy, team spirit and an enthusiasm for the game which passes on to everyone she comes in contact with. Some of Fran’s Career Highlights •Sponsored by HEAD/Penn Racquetsports #1 Mfg in Racquetball •’97 / ’98 International Woman’s Sports Hall of Fame Finalist •1997 USOC Racquetball Coach of the Year •#1 Clinician / Coach •National Team Coach 1989-96, 2002 •Olympic Festival Coach •National Champion •Coaches Jason Mannino and Sudsy Monchik •Coached 5 Jrs. to National and World Titles •2004 Hall of Fame •US National Team Coach 1990-96, 2002 •World Championship Coach 1989-96, 2002 •Pan American Coach – Gold Medal 1995 •Conducted over 1,200 Camps/Clinics Fran’s Philosophy “I have a very basic and simple philosophy of the game. I BUILD GAMES FROM THE GROUND UP, similar to the construction of a building. It is a methodical step by step process of teaching. I start with the strokes (foundation), then build up to strategy/court position (frame), then add the serves/service returns (roof) and then add the finishing touches like mental/physical toughness (doors, windows, accessories).” Fran’s Full Resume PROFESSIONAL RECORD: 1986 WPRA 1985-86 Final Season Ranking 5th 1984 Bud Light Pro Racquetball Classic, Auburn, Mass. Rnd of 16/singles 1984 Bud Light Pro Racquetball Classic, Auburn, Mass. Qtrs/doubles w/Drexler 1984 WPRA 1983-84 Final Season Ranking 11th 1984 DP National Championships, Atlanta, Ga. Rnd of 32/singles 1984 Ektelon National Championships, Anaheim, Calif. Rnd of 16/singles 1984 WPRA National Championships, Ft. Worth, Texas Semifinalist/singles 1984 Pac West Pro-Am, Seattle, Wash. Quarterfinalist/singles 1984 Lite Beer Pro-Am, Bangor, Maine Semifinalist/singles 1983 Big Star Holiday Cup, Atlanta, Ga. Rnd of 16/singles 1983 Big Star Holiday Cup, Atlanta, Ga. Semis/doubles w/Harding 1983 WPRA 1982-83 Final Season Ranking 19th 1983 Ektelon National Championships, Anaheim, Calif. Rnd of 32/singles 1983 Pacific West Tournament, Seattle, Wash. Rnd of 32/singles 1983 Schoeber’s Spring Classic, San Francisco, Calif. Rnd of 16/singles 1983 Lite Beer New England Championships, Bangor, Maine Rnd of 16/singles 1983 Riverbend Pro Classic, Ft. Worth, Texas Rnd of 16/singles COACHING RECORD: 2004,2006 Taylor Knoth (Pictured above!) Boy’s 12 & under and 14 & under Jr. National & World Champion…9 Gold Medals 2006 Devon Pimentelli (Pictured above!) Girl’s 12 & under Jr. National Champion…2 Gold Medals 2003 Jason Mannino #1 IRT Pro 2003 Sudsy Monchik 5X #1 IRT Pro 2002 IRF World Championships, Puerto Rico 1st/World Cup 1997-01 JR.National and World Champions – Bart and Brooke Crawford 15 Gold and Silver Medals between them. 1997-2000 Nick Arturo (Pictured above!) Boys 8 & under, 10 & under and 12 & under Jr. National and World Champion…10 Gold Medals 1996 IRF World Championships, Phoenix, AZ 1st/World Cup 1995 Pan American Games, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1st/Team gold 1994 Pan American Games Qualifier, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1st/Team gold 1994 IRF World Championships, San Luis Potosi, Mexico 1st/World Cup 1994 U.S Olympic Festival, St. Louis, MO 4th/South Team 1994 PARC IX Tournament of the Americas, Buenos Aires, Arg. 1st/Team gold 1993 U.S. Olympic Festival, San Antonio, Texas 4th/South Team 1993 PARC VIII Tournament of the Americas, Cochabamba, Bol. 1st/Team gold 1992 IRF World Championships, Montreal, Canada 1st/World Cup 1992 PARC VII Tournament of the Americas, Teguciaqalpa, Hon. 1st/Team gold 1991 U.S. Olympic Festival, Los Angeles, CA 3rd/West Team 1991 PARC VI Tournament of the Americas, Santiago, Chile 1st/Team gold 1990 IRF World Championships, Caracas, Venezuela 1st/World Cup 1990 U.S. Olympic Festival, Minneapolis, MN North Team 1990 PARC V Tournament of the Americas, Jacksonville, FL 1st/Team gold 1989 U.S. Olympic Festival, Oklahoma City, OK 3rd/East Team 1989 PARC IV Tournament of the Americas, San Jose, Costa Rica 1st/Team gold 1989 USA National Team Coach – Technical Advisor AMATEUR RECORD: 2002 Ektelon 35th U.S. National Doubles Championships Quarters/Mixed Open 45+ Quarters/Mixed Open 30+ 1993 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 2nd/Mixed35 w/Hastings 1992 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Mixed35+ w/Hastings 1991 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Mixed35+ w/Hastings 1990 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Women’s30+ w/Lyons 1990 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Mixed35+ w/Hastings 1989 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Mixed30+ w/Hastings 1989 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 3rd/Women’s30+ w/Ludwig 1989 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Singles Championships Quarters/Women’s Open 1989 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Singles Championships Quarters/Women’s 30+ 1978 U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Women’s Open w/Lee ACHIEVEMENTS: •New Instructional Video featuring Sudsy Monchik and Jason Mannino(2003) •Inducted into the Racquetball Hall of Fame 2004 •HEAD Racquet Sports National Advisory Staff(1983-Present) •Penn Athletics National Advisory Staff(1985-Present) •HEAD/Penn Racquet Sports National Promotions Coordinator(1999-Present) •Network Marketing, PowerBar, Forten Sponsors( Present ) •Conducted 1,200+ Camps/Clinics Nationally/Worldwide(1983-Present) •Aruba Camp…only annual camp taught outside the U.S.(15 Years) •Writer for Racquetball Magazine..Instructional issues promoting the game (1987-Present) •U.S. National Racquetball Team Coach(1989-1996,2002-present) •Finalist Women’s Sport International Hall of Fame(1998-2000) •California AIDS Ride raised over $10,000 within Racquetball Events(2000,2001) •USOC National Coach of the Year(1997) •USRA Elite Training Camp Instructor…at the U.S. Olympic Training Center(10 Years) •Feature Instructor in the AARA/RMA Video “Learn Your Lesson’s Part 1”(1990) •American Diabetes Volunteer..raised over $100,000 in the Racquetball-a-Thons(1989-92) •American Diabetes Fund Raising Award(1989), Service Award(1988) •AARA Elite Training Guide Author(1988) •Writer for Killshot Magazine •Certifier for PARI and AmPRO •IRHSA and Club Industry Speaker •Past President of the WPRA (1981-83) •“How to Improve your Racquetball”..(winning techniques from the stars)One of the Authors(1979) For the past 25 years, Fran Davis has been intimately involved in racquetball. Her passion for the sport is surpassed only by her energy and knowledge of the game. As a competitor, she has been a National Champion, U.S. National Coach and U.S. Olympic Coach. Her 1990, 92, 94, 96, and 2002 teams won World Championships. She is also regarded as one of the finest instructors available anywhere in the game today. A few months have passed since the Grand Gala Hall of Fame evening and I have had a chance to reflect on one of the BEST evenings of my life and the sport. I was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2004. As an athlete or coach of any sport your life long dream would be to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of your sport as that is the HIGHEST honor you could EVER achieve….the sport is recognizing YOU for your contributions over the years. When I received the letter from the Hall of Fame committee that I was chosen I felt so MANY emotions. I was EXCITED, HAPPY, ELATED, and was jumping for JOY. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that the evening I was inducted could be matched, but I was wrong. The Grand Gala Hall of Fame 35th Anniversary Celebration was also a night to remember and was one of the BEST evenings of my life. To know I am one of ONLY 35 Racquetball Hall of Famers in the world is an INCREDIBLE feeling. Bud Muelhisen summed it up very clearly, “All these people being recognized tonight are all good competitors, but the real reason they are all in the Hall of Fame is because they gave back to the sport”. And I will continue to give back to this sport for as long as I can because the sport has be good to me. The friends I have made, the friendships I have created, the extended family I now have and the memories I continue to share is what keeps me going day in and day out….I wouldn’t give it up for anything. So sharing that night with the other Hall of Famers, the racquetball community and my personal family was an UNBELIEVEABLE feeling….more memories created that night that goes into my memory bank and can NEVER be taken away from me.

Contact Fran Davis at 206 - 522 - FRAN (3726) fax: 206 - 260 - 7909 or

Racquetball Tournament‏

2011 Florida Open Racquetball Tournament. A great warm up for National Singles! Date: May 13-15, play may start as early as noon on Friday May 13. Start time requests will be considered, but can not be guaranteed. Cost: $50 for 1st division, $20 for 2nd division, $20 for 3rd division. $70 for Open singles, $50 for Open doubles. Refs are paid $5 per match. Winner of each match must ref or find a suitable replacement. Format: Single elimination in every skill division with 8 or more players. Round robin or pool play format for every age group. All age group round robin/pool play will start and end on Saturday. Play off brackets for pool play will be on Sunday. Open doubles will have a drop down/consolation draw for first round losers. Open singles will have a drop down/consolation draw. Level 3: The Florida Open is a level 3 tournament, same as state singles and state doubles. Prizes: There will be custom made medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for each division. Cash prizes for the open are as follows: Open singles $1000 1st, $250 2nd, $100 3rd, $50 1st....Open doubles, $1000 1st, $250 2nd...Mixed open $500 1st, $150 2nd. Cash awards are guaranteed as long as there are 16 in each division. Divisions with less than 16 may be pro-rated. Food: There will be dinner provided Friday night, lunch and dinner on Saturday, snacks, drinks, fruit, bagels, and gatorade provided throughout the weekend. The Bar & grill at the bath & racquet is under new ownership. Please visit them and check out their new menu, and have a beer. Ping Pong Challenge: $10 per person, winner keeps the cash...and the trophy! Sign up for ping pong will be Saturday morning at the bath & racquet. Play starts at noon on Saturday. Bring a friend!: There is no better time than now to introduce tournament play to a friend. We have thousands of local club players that never play tournaments. Bring a friend with you and show them what a great tournament is all about. Contact: Chad Bailey, 941-545-5802

Woman gets 115 K for not being able to play Racquetball anymore

A jury awarded a Bloomingdale woman $115,000 Wednesday in her medical malpractice suit against a Paramus plastic surgeon who performed cosmetic surgery that left her unable to shut her eyes or blink. Bloomingdale resident Marilyn Leisz in court Wednesday. It was a mixed decision, as jurors found that Dr. Paul Parker did deviate from the accepted standard of care in performing the surgery to correct droopiness in the eyelids – called a blepharoplasty – on Marilyn Leisz and that this caused her injury. The panel, however, rejected Leisz’s other civil allegation that she was not fully advised as to the risk of incomplete eye closure as a possible consequence that comes with undergoing a blepharoplasty. Leisz’s lawyer, Roy Konray of Rahway, argued during the trial that so much skin had been removed from Leisz’s eyelids during two previous surgeries by other doctors that there was no excess skin to remove, and therefore Parker never should have performed the procedure. Parker testified during the trial that Leisz was warned about that risk by him verbally, and through a brochure that explains the procedure and also states that incomplete eyelid closure is a possible outcome. “I’m just glad I had my say in court. But I’ll never get back to the way I was,” Leisz said immediately after the reading of the verdict by a jury seated before state Superior Court Judge Ralph L. DeLuccia Jr. in Paterson. Her lawyer said he was satisfied with the outcome. “I am always happy to win a malpractice case, because they’re so difficult,” Konray said. He noted that no settlement offer had ever been put on the table by Parker before trial. Leisz had sought unspecified monetary damages. Hugh Francis of Morristown, the lawyer representing Parker, said he viewed the outcome as a vindication for his client. “Over the years I’ve gotten to know a lot of doctors, and Dr. Parker is an extremely competent plastic surgeon,” Francis said. “This is a woman who had 10 or more plastic surgeries. She certainly knew there were risks. The extremely modest judgment shows that the jury thought Dr. Parker was competent, too.” The trial gradually attracted a flurry of regional media attention. Toward the end of the case, CBS Channel 2 News and Inside Edition had their reporters and cameras stationed in the courtroom. The jury deliberated about 4½ hours before reaching its verdict after the one-week trial. Leisz testified that she can no longer do the things she used to love, such as play tennis or racquetball, skeet shoot or swim. She said she is unable to watch TV or work at a computer for long periods, drive in congested areas or even sleep with her eyes fully closed. In attempts to mitigate the damage done after surgery with Parker, Leisz said she has suffered through painful procedures with a new plastic surgeon from 2006 to 2010. While her condition is improved, it is not corrected, she said. She must keep to a steady regimen of eye drops and steroidal jellies for her eyes to prevent them from drying out and causing cornea damage. Blinking is what keeps the cornea moist, lawyers explained during the trial. Without blinking, the cornea can be damaged by excessive dryness, the lawyers said. Parker insisted that along with fully informing Leisz of the risks, he did not deviate from accepted standards of care in performing the procedure, contrary to the jury’s finding. Leisz had undergone three blepharoplasties, one in 2004 and another in 2005, by other physicians before she then went to Parker for that procedure and a face-lift later in 2005. Leisz testified that the only risk Parker warned her of was bruising, swelling and discomfort. Parker’s attorney told jurors in his summation it seemed improbable Parker gave such an answer, since a woman familiar with the procedure would have already known about the inherent risks and questioned Parker if he didn’t disclose all of them

Racquetball: 2011 BIZM3 Orange County Open‏

Attention All Racquetball Fans: ATTENTION ALL RACQUETBALL PLAYERS, mark your calendars for April 28-May 1, for the 2011 bizM3 Orange County Open Racquetball Tournament. The first IRT-Sanctioned racquetball tournament in Orange County since 2006, this year's event promises to be one the most exciting racquetball tournament of the year. With the expectation of the beginning of a new tradition, this year's Orange County Open will be hosted by sleek and fabulous Renaissance Club Sport Fitness Club and Hotel, located in Aliso Viejo, California. Our venue is considered world class for its fitness facilities, as well as its hotel and service. The 174-room hotel also offers a full service restaurant, bar and swimming, sauna and boutique and treatment spa. With such amenities, you will never be more than a few steps from fun and excitement and great food and drinks. We are equally excited about this year's Title Sponsor, bizM3, the industry leader in multi-channel mobile marketing and digital TV advertising technology. With over 2 trillion text messages sent throughout America every day, bizM3 offers a highly engaging and interactive solution to market to the mobile audience and retain marketing information for future campaigns. Their mobile marketing platform comes complete with analytics to evaluate ROI, where clients watch their advertising dollars drive sales. This event will showcase # 2 IRT ranked player Rocky Carson and other IRT Professionals. In addition to the IRT event, the 2011 bizM3 Orange County Open will also include numerous Singles Divisions available. With a limited number of rooms available at the Renaissance Hotel ( Hotel rooms will go fast, so book soon. Specific tournament details for the 2011 bizM3 Orange County Open are now available at For any questions or you're interested in supporting the tournament, feel free to contact me at Allan Kazem 2011 bizM3 Orange County Open Tournament Director Looking forward to seeing all of you, Allan Kazem, Tournament Director

News from Kim Roy

USAR Regional Qualifiers April 15-17 Richey Racquet Club Port Richey, FL Online registration: Or call Kim Roy 603-491-1494 deadline to register is April 7th Monday Racquetball League Harbour Island Athletic Club & Spa - Tampa, FL 8-10pm (starts April 4th) Contact Kim Roy 603-491-1494 to register. Junior Regionals May 20-22 Harbour Island Athletic Club & Spa - Tampa, FL Online registration: Lots of round robin and pool play in each division!!!!!!!!!!