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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

News from University of Florida-Gator Racquetball Orange and Blue Shootout was a Success

The Orange and Blue Shootout was once again a success! With over ninety participants, and five colleges attending, there were plenty of good matches throughout the weekend. The tournament is held annually to support the University of Florida racquetball club travel to Intercollegiates, which is being held at the campus of Southwest Missouri State University. Brad Knudsen, Michael Knudsen, Brad Turetzky, Xavier Pereira, and the entire UF racquetball club would like to thank everyone who came out to support the club and making the tournament one to remember! We look forward to seeing everyone again at next year’s Orange and Blue Shootout!

article by Brad Knudsen-University of Florida Racquetball Team
If you would like more information on the UF Racquetball program/schedule or would like to make a donation to support the team, please contact Brad at

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