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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top 12 Reasons to Play Racquetball

Top 12 Reasons to Play Racquetball

12. You can't play racquetball and smoke at the same time.

11. Racquetball offers skill-building opportunities.

10. Racquetball can be played any hour of the day.

9. Racquetball is a game that can be played by same sex or mixed sex on somewhat equal terms-it's a real friendship maker.

8. People of all ages, 6 to 90 can play the game-and do so competitively.

7. Racquetball takes just one other person to play and have a great workout.

6. Being an indoor game, racquetball can be played year around, so fitness maintenance does not need to be interrupted.

5. Racquetball develops or maintains motor skills of agility, balance, flexibility, hand/eye coordination and reaction time-skills important to health and safety in the senior years.

4. Racquetball develops cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

3. Racquetball is a high calorie burner and staves off obesity and osteoporosis.

2. Racquetball is easy to learn. No special skill level is required in order to reap most of the values of playing racquetball.

1. PLAYING RACQUETBALL IS FUN! Make it your lifetime activity!


• Running (9-minute mile) - 858 calories

• Racquetball - 792 calories

• Cycling (racing) - 750 calories

• Running (11:30 mile) - 600 calories

• Swimming - 570 calories

• Tennis - 486 calories

- SOURCE: Fitness magazine

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