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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sad News For International Racquetball

Paris Racquetball news!
The Forest-Hill announces the end of racquetball courts in Nanterre.
Despite 18 month of hard work and strong results, the racquetball courts are going to be converted to Squash courts..

One of the Forest-Hill clubs, located near the City Form, is going to be closed, with 7 squash courts often full.

To keep the squash players from those 7 squash courts, the racquetball courts will disappear. Which means more or less the end of Racquetball in France.

We do not know yet if the 4 courts will be converted this year (by the end of august) or in 2011, but something is sure, racquetball has no more future with Forest-Hill.

But not all is done and we are working on others opportunities through a group of 20 people motivated to manage a few projects in and around Paris.

In a few words, we are going to promote racquetball to the city halls.

Of course, any help is welcome, even from outside France! Do not hesitate to contact us for any suggestion, proposal, sponsorship.

Philippe Lecomte

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