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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Great Technology on Our Frames

The advancements in technology are all around us. To be able to live in our current time period is a privilege since we can have access to the advancements like, blackberries, iPod, iPads, Iphones, x box, flat screens with incredible resolution and etc... However the same advancements are also present in materials. Fine fibers similar to carbon fiber and fiber glass that have better physic mechanical properties which makes a lighter and more flexible final material are also part of are current time period. Due to these new materials the racquets are getting lighter and have better flexibility control. The racquet will distort less during impact allowing a bigger sweet spot and better control thru the swing. The advancements come also on filling the micro voids in the molecular structure of these fibers. The material, special nano-sized silicone oxide crystals having been used to fill the micro-voids. Filling the micro voids with silicon crystals prevent the fibers from moving around at the molecular level.

The result to you as a player is that the head of the racquet is more stable; it has much less flex and distortion when you hit the ball. This gives you more control, a bigger sweet spot, and a clean crisp feel when you strike the ball.

In addition, the racquets last longer. All carbon fiber racquets - from all manufacturers - last only so long before the fibers wear out and the racquet looses it's feel. For hard players this can be a season, for average players it can be several years; but they do wear out.

Is no surprise that every year the racquets get significantly better than the racquets from previous years. One can really feel more power and more control every time a new model is released. It is really a incredible technology and great advancement in such a short period of time. Basically now in about a year you can already get a much better frame than the year before. It is really great to have access to this advancement. The materials and the technology on frame distribution and design are definitely helping taking racquet sports to the next level.

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