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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Four walls of fury: the untold story of the Bryant racquet ball courts

From the dawn of time people have thrived on going "mano y mano" for the thrill of competition. Whether it be the Greco-Roman competitions of the early Olympiad in Athens or the Super Bowl Sunday battle for the Lombardi Trophy people love to prove their will over another human in any given sport.

Given the intensely competitive nature of the students on the Bryant campus it is apparent that there is a need to provide a platform to foster this competitive spirit, and I am writing this article to inform the good students of Bryant that there is such a platform.

While Basketball is certainly king of the hill when it comes to pick-up sports at the Chace Wellness Center there is another venue that goes largely un-used and greatly unappreciated. Despite looking much like the windowless cells of a state penitentiary,

the racquet ball courts behind the MAC are an outstanding source of fun and an even greater place to showcase athletic talent.

The game is simple, two rackets, one ball, and four walls. Players return volleys against the wall in a furious fashion until one cannot keep up.

Despite its simple nature the game is strangely addicting and even more aggravating upon losing a volley. It was no more than a few weeks ago that several of my friends and I (who will remain anonymous) participated in several rousing rounds of racquetball.

Being a stranger to the racquetball courts I was largely unaware of the ferocity that was about to hit all of the competitors in the square rooms that day.

After several warm-up rounds I was shocked at the profanity laden cut-throat nature of the sport, and in the same breath I absolutely loved every minute of it. There is little greater pleasure to derive out of athletics then putting away your good buddy in a set with a monster forehand. It is without equivocation that I can tell you that if you do choose to take advantage of these open courts and play you too will feel the all the thrills that racquet ball has to offer.

As much fun as racquet ball can be it is as shrouded in myth as it is entertaining. It has been rumored that our fearless leader, President Machtley, is quite the racquet ball player himself. In fact it is stitched into Bryant folk lore that should any student come across him in the racquet ball area, challenge him to a match, and come out victorious then said student will have his or her tuition paid for In full. If that is the case, and should you be reading this President Machtley, then my racquet is strung up and ready to go.

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