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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Amazing Fran Davis

Fran has been a great player and a tremendous coach, but this is only one dimension of her qualifications and of what she can offer. “In the 25+ years I have been involved with racquetball, I have worked in almost every aspect of club operation, merchandising and promotion. I have visited and conducted clinics all across the U.S., Canada, Central and South America. Over time I have studied hours and hours of video tapes and figured out what works and what doesn’t.” For Fran, the important part of this experience is sharing it with as many people as possible. Fran has incredible energy, team spirit and an enthusiasm for the game which passes on to everyone she comes in contact with. Some of Fran’s Career Highlights •Sponsored by HEAD/Penn Racquetsports #1 Mfg in Racquetball •’97 / ’98 International Woman’s Sports Hall of Fame Finalist •1997 USOC Racquetball Coach of the Year •#1 Clinician / Coach •National Team Coach 1989-96, 2002 •Olympic Festival Coach •National Champion •Coaches Jason Mannino and Sudsy Monchik •Coached 5 Jrs. to National and World Titles •2004 Hall of Fame •US National Team Coach 1990-96, 2002 •World Championship Coach 1989-96, 2002 •Pan American Coach – Gold Medal 1995 •Conducted over 1,200 Camps/Clinics Fran’s Philosophy “I have a very basic and simple philosophy of the game. I BUILD GAMES FROM THE GROUND UP, similar to the construction of a building. It is a methodical step by step process of teaching. I start with the strokes (foundation), then build up to strategy/court position (frame), then add the serves/service returns (roof) and then add the finishing touches like mental/physical toughness (doors, windows, accessories).” Fran’s Full Resume PROFESSIONAL RECORD: 1986 WPRA 1985-86 Final Season Ranking 5th 1984 Bud Light Pro Racquetball Classic, Auburn, Mass. Rnd of 16/singles 1984 Bud Light Pro Racquetball Classic, Auburn, Mass. Qtrs/doubles w/Drexler 1984 WPRA 1983-84 Final Season Ranking 11th 1984 DP National Championships, Atlanta, Ga. Rnd of 32/singles 1984 Ektelon National Championships, Anaheim, Calif. Rnd of 16/singles 1984 WPRA National Championships, Ft. Worth, Texas Semifinalist/singles 1984 Pac West Pro-Am, Seattle, Wash. Quarterfinalist/singles 1984 Lite Beer Pro-Am, Bangor, Maine Semifinalist/singles 1983 Big Star Holiday Cup, Atlanta, Ga. Rnd of 16/singles 1983 Big Star Holiday Cup, Atlanta, Ga. Semis/doubles w/Harding 1983 WPRA 1982-83 Final Season Ranking 19th 1983 Ektelon National Championships, Anaheim, Calif. Rnd of 32/singles 1983 Pacific West Tournament, Seattle, Wash. Rnd of 32/singles 1983 Schoeber’s Spring Classic, San Francisco, Calif. Rnd of 16/singles 1983 Lite Beer New England Championships, Bangor, Maine Rnd of 16/singles 1983 Riverbend Pro Classic, Ft. Worth, Texas Rnd of 16/singles COACHING RECORD: 2004,2006 Taylor Knoth (Pictured above!) Boy’s 12 & under and 14 & under Jr. National & World Champion…9 Gold Medals 2006 Devon Pimentelli (Pictured above!) Girl’s 12 & under Jr. National Champion…2 Gold Medals 2003 Jason Mannino #1 IRT Pro 2003 Sudsy Monchik 5X #1 IRT Pro 2002 IRF World Championships, Puerto Rico 1st/World Cup 1997-01 JR.National and World Champions – Bart and Brooke Crawford 15 Gold and Silver Medals between them. 1997-2000 Nick Arturo (Pictured above!) Boys 8 & under, 10 & under and 12 & under Jr. National and World Champion…10 Gold Medals 1996 IRF World Championships, Phoenix, AZ 1st/World Cup 1995 Pan American Games, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1st/Team gold 1994 Pan American Games Qualifier, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1st/Team gold 1994 IRF World Championships, San Luis Potosi, Mexico 1st/World Cup 1994 U.S Olympic Festival, St. Louis, MO 4th/South Team 1994 PARC IX Tournament of the Americas, Buenos Aires, Arg. 1st/Team gold 1993 U.S. Olympic Festival, San Antonio, Texas 4th/South Team 1993 PARC VIII Tournament of the Americas, Cochabamba, Bol. 1st/Team gold 1992 IRF World Championships, Montreal, Canada 1st/World Cup 1992 PARC VII Tournament of the Americas, Teguciaqalpa, Hon. 1st/Team gold 1991 U.S. Olympic Festival, Los Angeles, CA 3rd/West Team 1991 PARC VI Tournament of the Americas, Santiago, Chile 1st/Team gold 1990 IRF World Championships, Caracas, Venezuela 1st/World Cup 1990 U.S. Olympic Festival, Minneapolis, MN North Team 1990 PARC V Tournament of the Americas, Jacksonville, FL 1st/Team gold 1989 U.S. Olympic Festival, Oklahoma City, OK 3rd/East Team 1989 PARC IV Tournament of the Americas, San Jose, Costa Rica 1st/Team gold 1989 USA National Team Coach – Technical Advisor AMATEUR RECORD: 2002 Ektelon 35th U.S. National Doubles Championships Quarters/Mixed Open 45+ Quarters/Mixed Open 30+ 1993 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 2nd/Mixed35 w/Hastings 1992 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Mixed35+ w/Hastings 1991 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Mixed35+ w/Hastings 1990 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Women’s30+ w/Lyons 1990 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Mixed35+ w/Hastings 1989 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Mixed30+ w/Hastings 1989 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Doubles Championships 3rd/Women’s30+ w/Ludwig 1989 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Singles Championships Quarters/Women’s Open 1989 Ektelon AARA U.S. National Singles Championships Quarters/Women’s 30+ 1978 U.S. National Doubles Championships 1st/Women’s Open w/Lee ACHIEVEMENTS: •New Instructional Video featuring Sudsy Monchik and Jason Mannino(2003) •Inducted into the Racquetball Hall of Fame 2004 •HEAD Racquet Sports National Advisory Staff(1983-Present) •Penn Athletics National Advisory Staff(1985-Present) •HEAD/Penn Racquet Sports National Promotions Coordinator(1999-Present) •Network Marketing, PowerBar, Forten Sponsors( Present ) •Conducted 1,200+ Camps/Clinics Nationally/Worldwide(1983-Present) •Aruba Camp…only annual camp taught outside the U.S.(15 Years) •Writer for Racquetball Magazine..Instructional issues promoting the game (1987-Present) •U.S. National Racquetball Team Coach(1989-1996,2002-present) •Finalist Women’s Sport International Hall of Fame(1998-2000) •California AIDS Ride raised over $10,000 within Racquetball Events(2000,2001) •USOC National Coach of the Year(1997) •USRA Elite Training Camp Instructor…at the U.S. Olympic Training Center(10 Years) •Feature Instructor in the AARA/RMA Video “Learn Your Lesson’s Part 1”(1990) •American Diabetes Volunteer..raised over $100,000 in the Racquetball-a-Thons(1989-92) •American Diabetes Fund Raising Award(1989), Service Award(1988) •AARA Elite Training Guide Author(1988) •Writer for Killshot Magazine •Certifier for PARI and AmPRO •IRHSA and Club Industry Speaker •Past President of the WPRA (1981-83) •“How to Improve your Racquetball”..(winning techniques from the stars)One of the Authors(1979) For the past 25 years, Fran Davis has been intimately involved in racquetball. Her passion for the sport is surpassed only by her energy and knowledge of the game. As a competitor, she has been a National Champion, U.S. National Coach and U.S. Olympic Coach. Her 1990, 92, 94, 96, and 2002 teams won World Championships. She is also regarded as one of the finest instructors available anywhere in the game today. A few months have passed since the Grand Gala Hall of Fame evening and I have had a chance to reflect on one of the BEST evenings of my life and the sport. I was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2004. As an athlete or coach of any sport your life long dream would be to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of your sport as that is the HIGHEST honor you could EVER achieve….the sport is recognizing YOU for your contributions over the years. When I received the letter from the Hall of Fame committee that I was chosen I felt so MANY emotions. I was EXCITED, HAPPY, ELATED, and was jumping for JOY. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that the evening I was inducted could be matched, but I was wrong. The Grand Gala Hall of Fame 35th Anniversary Celebration was also a night to remember and was one of the BEST evenings of my life. To know I am one of ONLY 35 Racquetball Hall of Famers in the world is an INCREDIBLE feeling. Bud Muelhisen summed it up very clearly, “All these people being recognized tonight are all good competitors, but the real reason they are all in the Hall of Fame is because they gave back to the sport”. And I will continue to give back to this sport for as long as I can because the sport has be good to me. The friends I have made, the friendships I have created, the extended family I now have and the memories I continue to share is what keeps me going day in and day out….I wouldn’t give it up for anything. So sharing that night with the other Hall of Famers, the racquetball community and my personal family was an UNBELIEVEABLE feeling….more memories created that night that goes into my memory bank and can NEVER be taken away from me.

Contact Fran Davis at 206 - 522 - FRAN (3726) fax: 206 - 260 - 7909 or

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