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Sunday, May 1, 2011


When preparing to play a game of racquetball, you may not realize that there are several different types of racquetball balls to choose from. There are some that are designated for indoor play, and others for outdoor racquetball. You may find that the outdoor balls are sometimes used indoors, but they are faster and they take some bounces that are inconsistent. The following is a summary of the different types and brands of racquetball balls available on the market:

ProPenn Balls: These are popular racquetball balls created in the US.

ProPenn HD: These racquetball balls are the official balls of the United States Open and Men's Pro Tour. When creating these racquetball balls, the engineers of Penn combined forces with the top professional racquetball players throughout the world while on the International Racquetball Tour in order to develop what is considered to be the ultimate racquetball ball. They were able to come up with a ball that has better visibility, a softer feel, and a lighter weight.

Penn Blue: Many individuals choose these racquetball balls for consistent play.

ProPenn Green: These racquetball balls are the official ball of U.S.A. Racquetball which makes these racquetball balls the most widely used for tournament play. The bright green color has wonderful visibility on-court and consistent playability and durability.

ProPenn Ballistic 2.0: Specifically designed for outdoor racquetball with maximum visibility and ultimate speed. In the event that you play indoors with these racquetball balls, you should be ready for some play that is lightning fast.

Ektelon Classic: These are the official racquetball balls for the Classic Pro Tour and the National Master Racquetball Association. These racquetball balls offer a slower ball with wonderful visibility. This is absolutely perfect for training workouts and longer rallies.

Ektelon Blue: These popular and extremely reliable blue racquetball balls are perfect for players because they offer a softer feel.

Ektelon Fireball: These are the official racquetball balls for the World Outdoor Racquetball Organization. These racquetball balls are specifically designed to withstand the overall demands that are associated with outdoor play, and are specifically designed for some very fast play action.

ProKennex Yellow: These are also specifically designed for outdoor play. Each of these outdoor balls is designed for livelier, faster speeds. The bright yellowish color of these racquetball balls makes them a lot easier to follow on the racquetball court.

ProKennex Blue: Balls that are specifically designed for faster speed.

Wilson Titanium Green: These are lively tournament quality racquetball balls that are long lasting and consistent.

Wilson Championship Blue: These racquetball balls provide an absolute perfect speed for each level of play.

Overall, racquetball balls should offer speed, durability, and visibility on the court; take some time to find the perfect racquetball balls for your game, and your racquetball experience will be that much more enjoyable.

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