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Friday, August 28, 2009

European Racquetball Federation signs ball agreement with Ektelon

Ektelon is proud to announce that the ERF (European Racquetball Federation) has signed an Official Ball Agreement with the global racquetball leader. The deal was finalized and announced at the 15th bi-annual European Racquetball Championships, held August 3rd-9th, 2009 in Paris, France. Ektelon becomes the first racquetball company to finalize an official product agreement with the ERF. As part of the agreement with the ERF, the federation will use the Ektelon Classic Ball as their official ball for the ten top level ranking events and for any newly developed “satellite events” on the ERF schedule for the coming year."We are very excited to start this new partnership with Ektelon as the "Official Ball" for our events", says ERF Vice President Mike Mesecke. "It’s great to be partnered with the leading brand in the sport and we know that Ektelon is the right choice for us to work with to accomplish our goals. Ektelon has the best staff and marketing team in the sport and also the best product. We conducted some extensive testing of all racquetballs on the market and the Ektelon balls came out on top.” Currently, the Ektelon ball consists of three ball types, making it simple to understand which ball type is best suited for different levels of play, court environments and overall preference. Fast = Classic: A lighter, softer compound is used to reduce arm shock and lower bounce for maximum control. Classic balls are black in color for high visibility on indoor court walls and perfect for players looking for a slightly slower-moving, easy-to-see, low-bouncing ball. The Classic allows players more time to set up on shots and is the official ball of the NMRA and CPRT. Faster = Premium Select: The #1 seller in the Ektelon line, Premium Select balls come in the popular blue color and deliver a traditional speed and lightweight, crisp feel ideal for a wide population of players. Fastest = Fireball: The fastest balls in the sport, Fireballs are easily identified by their unique, highly visible hot red color. Made of a reinforced compound for maximum durability, Fireballs are ideal for outdoor as well as indoor play and best suited for players who want the hottest ball in the sport. The Fireball is the official ball of the WPRO and WOR and WFRA. “We have been following the ERF for the past several years and we recognize them as a top notch organization that is extremely well run. In addition to having a regular schedule of annual events which have been established for many years, the ERF is definitely growing racquetball throughout Europe commented Scott Winters, Vice President of Ektelon. Winters went on to say, “We are very excited to be the first company to partner up with the ERF as an official product sponsor and we look forward to a long-term relationship with this organization”. “We are especially excited to be coordinating this partnership with a focused sales effort and our Ektelon European Division based in the U.K. This is great testament to all the hard work we have put into developing the best balls for the market and we are very proud to expand our partnership portfolio outside of the U.S”.

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