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Monday, September 21, 2009

French Open 2009

The French Open 2009 brought us more than expected !

Players from around the world participated and made this tournament a great one : USA, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Catalonia, Belgium, Holland, Germany, England and also from pays basque and Paris. We hope this annual meeting brought you joy and good time included sore body . We want to say thank you to everyone for coming.

We witnessed a great moment of racquetball watching the Open final with Cliff Swain 6 times number 1 on the pro tour and Patrick Jauvin one of the best Canadian player today..... The walls of center court are still shaking . Thank you to both for this souvenir.

Thank you very much to our sponsor Dale Wielgus as he made the venue of Cliff possible. Dale, your are a gentleman and a real racquetball fan! To the president of our association Jean-Pierre Boudart "merci" for the get together dinner at his africain restaurant O'Maquis. It was a real treat.

Our friendly thoughts and fast recovering wishes to Yann Le Penven who hurted himself during a match and to all those who walk like ducks today (just as I do) for having run so much during the week-end !

Completed charts will follow shortly together with pictures and a few videos.

By the way, we invite every one who has interesting images to send them to us by e-mail et we will be happy to have the best ones on line. ( contact@paris-racquetball.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Men's Open
Cliff Swain (USA) beats Patrick Jauvin (CAN)

Men's B
Ricardo Soto (VEN) beats Niklass Deboutte (BEL)

Men's C
Marioly Caballero (CAT) beats Nicolas Mufraggi (FRA)

Men's 35+
Philippe Lecomte (FRA) beats Mauro Barbosa (BRA)

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