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Monday, December 7, 2009

Mexico is out of the 21 st IRF Junior World Championships 2009 in Dominican Republic

Really sad news for the youngsters from Mexico and for all racquetball fans around the world. The Mexican Racquetball Federation was told in the last minute by the Mexican Organization responsible for sport funding (CONADE) that they had insufficient funds to support sending the Mexican team to the world's championships. The last minute news shocked the entire Mexican delegation and athletes. Parents are also extremely upset since the youngster worked extremely hard to qualify and train for the event. The name of the person responsible for this sad news is Mr. Jose Manuel Youshimatz Sotomayor. He is the general Director for the CONADE. His cell phone and e mail address was posted all over Mexico Racquetball Clubs so racquetball fans and players could protest against the last minute heads up. Parents, players and the entire delegation are extremely upset since they could have addressed the issue earlier if the news were brought to them several months ago. They could have brought sponsors and funds from other sources so the kids would not miss the tournament. The interesting thing is that there is no other sport in Mexico with so many junior world championships. Mexico won 6 world junior titles in Racquetball which is really amazing.
The tournament will not be the same now that Mexico is not part of it. It is very unfortunate that one person can affect the future of our sport in a negative way. We hope that the youngsters do not get discouraged by the event and continue to train hard for future international competitions. We hope that the Mexican Federation and the CONEPA come to an agreement on the near future so unfortunate situations like the one mentioned above do not happen again.

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