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Friday, April 30, 2010

News from the Secretary General

Update: 2009 - 2010

The following is a quick overview of IRF activities over the past 12 months. We would like to thank and congratulate everybody for the great effort everyone has made on moving the IRF forward.

PASO-Pan Am Games
Both Osvaldo and myself attend the PASO meetings on behalf of PARC as well as my position as noted above in ACODEPA. The Organizing Committee for 2011 is experiencing serious financial and political issues. However our participation next year is not in jeopardy. Other sports may find themselves having problems as 2011 comes closer to the Games but we are OK.

I am sure that Osvaldo will go over the format and the athlete allocation that is totally dictated by the PASO technical Committee. There may format and athlete quotas that will be different from those Pan Ams that we have experienced in the past. In regards to 2015 the Pan Ams will be in Toronto, Canada. We feel that we will be on the “Official Program” but we will have to go through the process for inclusion all over again. Our being on the 2015 program will be dictated largely by how we conduct ourselves at the Games next year. I am sure that Osvaldo will go over the staff and officials and how they should dress, etc. Qualifying for 2011 will take place at the PARC Championships next year in Tijuana, Mexico

Central American Games
This is a fluid situation but we are still on as I write this for the middle of April in Panama. Special thanks once again to Osvaldo who has traveled several times to work with the LOC as well as Lucy who has been the driving force behind the development of Panama Racquetball and the CAGs for our sport.

Central American Caribbean Games
On schedule for mid July in Puerto Rico at the Mayaguez University, with four new courts. Big development for our sport. Once again Osvaldo, Rafa, and Pucho are on top of this event. It will also be critical for PARC that this event come off in a most professional manner.

Bolivarian Games
Held in November in Sucre, Bolivia. Very successful. Once again Osvaldo was present representing PARC for the 10 day event.

E-Force & Penn Sponsorships
The IRF is currently in negotiations with E-Force to have racquetball equipment donated for development of Racquetball Worldwide. If this happens it will be administered through grants by the IRF. As part of the IRF’s ongoing effort to support the development of Racquetball World wide it is making available to each of its Regional Federations a $1000 grant in the year that it holds a regional championship. This revenue comes from the E-Force and the Penn sponsorships. This new grant is effective in 2010.

PARC has recognized the importance of streaming our major events and has purchased a high quality Camera to allow us to stream these events. Hopefully the hookup in Honduras will allow PARC to stream the key matches.

Junior Worlds—2009 Dominican Republic
The 2009 edition of the Junior Worlds were held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic this past December. It was very, very successful with 17 countries sending full teams. A very special thanks to Rafael Fernandez who represented the Local Organizing Committee which did a great job of organization as well as showcasing the hospitality of the people of the Dominican Republic. Anyone who has even thought of hosting the Juniors knows how tough it is to do. Again thanks to Rafael Fernandez for a job well done.

World Senior Doubles
Will be held in Kingscourt, Ireland June 9th to 12th.If you ever wanted to spend your evenings in a 16th Century Castle and see Ireland, and at the same time play Racquetball in a World Championships this is the one for you. The hospitality of the Irish is second to none.

World Senior Singles-August 30 to Sept 3
This is the major fundraiser for the IRF and without doubt the most fun tournament on the circuit. Once again it will be held in the host city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Once again if you ant compete in the best Senior/ Masters round robin World championship and at the same time support the IRF this is an event that you have to attend.

IRF World Championships Kang Nam County, Seoul, Korea—August 13 to the 21st
All shaping up nicely under the direction of Tournament Director Osvaldo Maggi, Operations Manager Gary Mazaroff , and IRF Liaison Yuni Cobb. A site visit is scheduled for the end of April which will finalize all of the arrangements for the Worlds. For planning purposes August 11th the IRF Ex Committee will meet, the IRF General Assembly will be on the 12th, and the coaches meeting and opening ceremonies on the 13th. Play begins on the 14th. The LOC will have the World Championship web site up by the first of April.

World Games-2009
The WGs were a great success for our sport. Racquetball was showcased to the world and many countries and key IOC people who have never seen the sport were exposed to racquetball. The Korean Portable court was used –4 wall glass—it was really an excellent way to showcase the sport. I am sure that some of those who were there can give you a on site update. The 2013 WGs will be held in Cali, Colombia and the initial arrangements have begun with the LOC.

Asian Games
Under the direction and leadership of Yuni Cobb there is a good chance that Racquetball will be accepted into Future Asian Games. The real test will be the number of Asian countries that will compete in this Summers IRF World Championships. This will be a big step forward for the sport when it happens.

2010 Junior Worlds
Will be held mid December at the Spectrum Club, Los Angeles, California, USA
The Spectrum Club features 20 plus Racquetball Courts and all the amenities of a full fitness club. More on this as additional information becomes available.

Under the umbrella of IPRO and PASO the best coaching clinic that we have was held this past summer in Guadalajara, Mexico. Over 22 coaches from across the Americas were in attendance and it was a great success. PASO covered the expenses of the clinicians and the coaches who attended. There is still some expenses for our clinicians that is outstanding but that was the only issue with the program. IPRO under then direction of Gary Mazaroff has also held 3 other rules and coaching clinics in the Hemisphere.

Referee Certification
PARC has identified that our greatest challenge is certified referees for all of PARC’s major event with the immediate goal that no athlete will have to referee a match. Osvaldo will go into how we are going to accomplish this goal. This has to be of the highest priority for PARC.

WADA and Antidoping
We continue to support the WADA goals as well as have out of competition testing Many of our member countries have out of competition testing through their National Olympic Committees. However PARC and the IRF will continue out of competition testing as well as in competition testing.

IRF Constitution
The IRF has appointed a IRF constitution Committee who will be submitting changes to bring up the IRF constitution up to date. Osvaldo Maggi( Who is a member of the committee) will have the revisions at this meeting if anyone would like to see what is being proposed.

In summary there has been a tremendous amount of activity within the IRF and I would like to thank all of our members for their continued support and effort in moving the sport forward.


Luke St Onge
Secretary General—IRF-PARC

Please feel free to contact us at anytime regarding any of these developments at

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