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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WOR Membership integrated into R2 Sports‏

WOR membership is now integrated into R2 Sports! You can check your membership right here:

When you get to the web site, choose World Outdoor Racquetball in the drop down menu on right, and just sign on using your R2 sports profile info. Once there, you will be able to see your WOR membership expiration date! If there is no date, then that means your are due for renewal.

We entered all of these manually, so if we made a mistake please let us know. Simply email your State WOR Director or with the proper expiration date, and we will make the correction. No problem!

Make sure your profile has the correct address and other contact information. Racquetball Magazine will be sent to all current WOR members based on the information in the R2 profile. This is a huge step forward to making sure we fulfill this commitment going forward. Also make sure your email address is correct if you want to stay on the WOR mailing list, as we are transitioning to that database as well. Even if you used to get emails from us, you will not going forward unless your correct email address is in your R2 Sports profile.

You will be able to track your WOR membership to know when it is due. You can purchase a WOR membership online if you choose to do so. Yes, you can still do it the old way and pay for WOR membership in person at events - if that is what you choose to do. But now you also have the option to purchase online.

Just like with USAR events, R2 sports will now require you to be a current WOR member in order to sign up for a WOR event via R2 Sports. If you prefer to take care of WOR membership in person at an event - contact the event director and they can work it out - no problem!

Please go check your profile and make sure all the information is correct!

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