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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Playing Indoors

During the time that you are playing racquetball inside of a glassed-wall racquetball court, the ball bounces a lot differently and there isn't any glare to contend with. However, you can use the glass walls to your advantage. Things you are going to need in order to play racquetball inside of a glassed-walled racquetball court includes racquetballs, racquetball rackets, racquetball goggles and water bottles that have the squeeze caps.

In the event that you are interested in playing this type of racquetball, you should follow these steps:

1. Take note of the total count of glass walls. For racquetball courts, one, two and three walls made of glass are common. People outside of the court and your reflection are going to be your only two distractions.

2. Prepare yourself because the ball is going to grip to the glass longer than it would on a typical wall.

3. Wait around to see where the racquetball bounces off of the glass wall and don't just assume that you know where it is going to be going.

4. Play the racquetball off of the glass or force your opponent to look into the glass whenever possible. In the event that the back wall is glass also, hit a lot of lob and ceiling shots. The pinch shots are extremely effective because they are a lot harder to judge as they hit the glass.

Whenever you have the opportunity to play on glass-walled courts, play on them so that you are able to become more comfortable with them. In the event that you have any type of condition that is going to impair or limit your overall ability to engage rigorous physical activity, you should consult a physician before you even attempt this type of sport.

Before you begin playing racquetball, no matter what type of racquetball court you will be playing on, there are some safety issues that you should take into consideration. Racquetball is both a competitive and recreational game. It's always important for you to be safe. Here are a couple of things that you should do before and during the time that you are playing:

* Before you play, make sure that you warm up.

* Whenever you are on the racquetball court, make sure that you wear safety glasses.

* Before entering a racquetball court, always knock because there may still be players playing.

* During play, watch where the ball is, make sure that you avoid being in the way.

* In order to avoid dehydration, make sure that you drink plenty of water

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